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Fluorite Slice

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Size: ~X-Small 1"-1.5" ~Small 1.5"-2" ~Medium 2"-3"

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Balance • Peace • Wishes
This Fluorite Slice is a little slice of heaven for your spirit. Let it cleanse you of destabilizing worries and ground your mind in peaceful reassurance. Fluorite organizes chaotic thoughts, and helps you to find balance through reflection. Its healing energy is often just what you need to look forward with a positive, wishful mindset.


Set a Fluorite Slice on your desk at work to bring balance and alleviate workplace stress, or place it in your home to create an atmosphere of calm and peaceful energy. Fluorite emits a stabilizing energy that brings balance to the mind and spirit. This enables you to think more clearly, without the negative influence of stress. By connecting to Fluorite, you can embrace a more positive mindset that enables you to feel stable and inspired enough to make wishes.

The shape of this Fluorite Slice makes it easy to connect with—especially if you want to combine its energy with other stones for a more powerful intention. If you’re looking to establish a harmonious energy within your spirit and space, you can set that intention with your Fluorite Slice. Then place a Clear Quartz Point on top of it to amplify the energy of the Fluorite and send your balancing intention up into your space.

Origin: China

What Does It Mean When I’m Drawn to a Fluorite Slice:

If you are feeling drawn to a Fluorite Slice, you are looking to bring in more harmony and positivity. Fluorite is a stone that makes you feel like you’re ready to make positive wishes for the future. So feeling drawn to it may mean that you ready to invite a more calm, optimistic energy into your life.

How to Use a Fluorite Slice:

Set your Fluorite Slice in your living room, or wherever you go to relax and find balance at the end of the day. The energy of your Fluorite will enhance the soothing, positive energy that you want to tap into when you enter this space.


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