Fluorite Points

Celebrate the entire spectrum of dazzling color with Energy Muse fluorite points. According to crystal lore, fluorite crystals are believed to be the home to rainbows, because of their beautiful, vibrant stripes of colors. Placing a fluorite crystal point in your space brings balance and harmony, restoring order to any physical or energetic chaos. Fluorite points are ideal for your bedroom, living area and other spaces in your home. Think of them as "energetic vacuum cleaners," cleaning and clearing your environment to neutralize any harmful or negative vibrations. If you feel yourself becoming stressed or overwhelmed, hold your fluorite point and feel its calming and soothing vibrations fill your body. It is a wonderful healing crystal for parents to hold when their kids are testing their patience. Known for their soul-soothing positive energy force, fluorite points are a favorite crystal for anyone looking for a more positive outlook on life.
fluorite crystal

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