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Fluorite Candle Holder


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Size: ~3.5" x 3"


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Wishes • Peace • Centering
Lighting a candle in a Fluorite Candle Holder is the ultimate self-care activity. Candles are a tried and true method for slowing things down, and indulging in a simple, peaceful pleasure. Let this Fluorite Candle Holder set the mood for your spirit. Fluorite energy will emit the perfect calming vibes to bring harmony to your spirit and space.  


A Fluorite Candle Holder brings in the energy of balance and grounding, so that you can not only relieve stress in the moment, but remain in a calm, positive state of mind. Fluorite energy guides you to sort out chaotic thoughts, and go from mental disarray to a feeling of pure calm. The harmony that a Fluorite Candle Holder instills within the spirit will set you up to feel more peaceful all day long. So light your Fluorite Candle Holder to indulge in relaxation at home, enjoy that calm, collected feeling wherever you go.   

Fluorite is a crystal that puts you in the perfect, positive state of mind to make wishes. As you blow out the candle of your Fluorite Candle Holder, let it remind you of blowing out the candles of birthday cake as a kid. Make a wish for the energy you’d like to maintain, and the future you’ll work to create.

Origin: China

What Does It Mean When I’m Drawn to a Fluorite Candle Holder:

If you’ve been racing around from one place to another, take a moment to pause, and enjoy the balancing energy of Fluorite. Lighting a candle in this Fluorite Candle Holder will cleanse and align your chakras. It offers balance and relief from the constant go-go-go energy that we sometimes get stuck in. As you sit by the light of your Fluorite Candle, let it connect with your heart chakra and fill you up with optimism.

How to Use a Fluorite Candle Holder:

Use the energy of this Fluorite Candle Holder as your antidote to everything that causes a feeling of being overwhelmed.  Whenever you are ready to ground your energy in positive, relaxing vibes, light your Fluorite Candle Holder. Use it to indicate that you are exiting the constant rush, and entering a time of relaxation, grounding and positive wish making.


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