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Fenster Quartz Necklace


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Spiritual Growth • Soul Energy • Healing
This Fenster Quartz necklace carries a very, very high-vibrational energy that connects you with your “soul energy” to help you find your soul’s path and purpose. It also helps to align and balance your chakras and energy field. 

On an 18” black cotton corded necklace form.  


This one-of-a-kind necklace is made with a rare Fenster Quartz Crystal. Fenster crystals are a very, very high-vibrational variety of Quartz. The name Fenster comes from the German word for window, as they are known for their many windows and openings on the face of the crystal. These crystals are powerful for furthering your spiritual growth and finding your soul’s path and purpose. When you run your fingers along the windows, it is said that you will gain information about your life purpose. It helps you to connect with your “soul energy” so that you know you are on the right path. Fenster Quartz also helps to bring your chakras and energy field into balance. This crystal piece is very, very special—you won’t find anything like it anywhere!

Handcrafted and hand-drilled by Sweet Satya, this Fenster Quartz Necklace is on an 18” corded necklace form, with no metal of any kind. The pendant is approximately 3.25” x 2” x 1”, and is extremely rare! Because this piece is a one-of-a-kind, it does not come with a scroll. All sales are final on this piece. 


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