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Expanding Into the Mind Ritual Ingredients


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By working with a Quartz merkaba and Lemurian Quartz crystals, this ritual will allow for the seeding and growth of new ideas. It will help you believe you’re capable of expanding beyond your current beliefs and abilities. Anything you desire is indeed possible!

Crystal Ritual Ingredients:
1 Merkaba Quartz Crystal
4 Lemurian Seed Crystal
1 Sage Stick
1 Feather
1 Abalone Shell

Find instructions for this ritual in Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You. *Just to be crystal clear: We've "bundled" these ritual ingredients for your shopping convenience! They will all be bagged individually as they would be if you bought them on their own.


When you expand your mind, you find the clarity that you need to accept new ideas. A closed mind creates stagnancy in life. Create a mental and spiritual space that is welcoming to fresh thought, passion, comprehension and inspiration with this Expanding Into The Mind Ritual. With one quartz crystal carved into the ancient and sacred symbol of the merkaba, you can ground yourself in the effort of aligning your body and spirit with that of your inner light. This ritual also calls for 4 lemurian quartz crystals, 1 sage stick, 1 feather and 1 abalone shell. All of these components are available in the Expanding Into The Mind Ritual. To discover how to use these materials to broaden your consciousness, grab a copy of Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You.


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