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Epidote Quartz Cluster


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These epidote quartz clusters are all miraculous specimen—their beauty is just captivating! Quartz with epidote, also called dream quartz, reiki quartz or green earth keepers, are extremely rare and a serious must-have for energy workers, healers or anyone who practices healing on a spiritual level. They act as a teacher of the hidden wisdom of nature, connecting us with the Earth on a deeper soul level. The quartz magnifies the epidote meaning, magnifying the goodness and blessings that already exist in your life.

Small 1” to 1.5” • Medium 2” to 2.5” • Large 3.5” to 4”


Epidote Quartz, sometimes called dream quartz, reiki quartz and green earth keepers, is a serious must-have for energy workers, healers, herbalists or anyone who practices profound healing or restoration on a physical or spiritual level. These extremely rare crystals act as a bridge and teacher of the hidden wisdom of nature. When programmed to enhance a specific intention, an epidote quartz cluster is especially beneficial for intentions for creating prosperity and abundance, attracting new relationships and inspiring the creative process. With epidote, you have to put forth that energy in order to receive it back. If you would like to invite prosperity into your life, you must act generously. In order to find a new love, you must be loving. The epidote meaning is to encourage the energy of giving and receiving, so it forces you to change how you interact with the world around you to receive what you’d like in return. 

Due to the combination of minerals, the quartz crystal magnifies the properties and natural energy of the epidote inclusions within and upon it. Quartz with epidote encourages you to make the changes you need in order for your intentions come to life. This makes it a useful crystal for breaking negative habits, hopelessness and other destructive emotional patterns. It allows you to see the positive in any situation and generates hope for the future. It can help anyone who feels stuck have an emotional breakthrough that will inspire them to take action. 

The beautiful earthy green color of Epidote quartz is connected with the heart chakra. Working with it for heart chakra healing purifies your emotions, releasing them into the Earth for transmutation. Quartz with epidote really raises your vibration so that you are thinking, speaking and acting from your heart space. In return, the universe will support you and provide what you need for your intentions to come to life.

These epidote quartz clusters were hand-picked by Heather and Timmi, originating from a mine in Brazil. Each one is unique and no two will look the same; they are some of the most beautiful specimen we have ever seen. Due to its rarity, we have limited stock of this beautiful material, so no coupon codes are valid and all sales are final. 


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