Entryway Protection Crystal Kit

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As the barrier between the inside of your home and the outside world, your entryway can accumulate all sorts of energy. To ensure that your entryway, and the inside of your home, stay energetically safe and secure, it’s important to protect this area of your home. Use an Entryway Protection Crystal Kit, which comes with crystals and energy tools, to keep bad vibes at bay. Your entryway is the barrier between the inside of your home and the outside world. By protecting this area, you can block negative or low vibrational energy from entering your home and personal environment. This Entryway Protection Crystal Kit includes a powerful combination of crystals and energy tools to help you clear the space and block negativity from making its way in. Whether you use it for daily maintenance or to ward off bad vibes, the Entryway Protection Crystal Kit has everything you need to shield the space. Black Tourmaline acts as an energy bodyguard to keep your home, and everyone in it, energetically safe and secure. Sage burns away any stagnant or low vibrational energy. Palo Santo brings joy and blessings into your space. The bell breaks up negative energy as you enter and exit your home. The red string tied around the bell activates the protective energy of the bell. All of the crystals in this kit will vary slightly in shape, size, color and pattern, as they are all natural and come from Mother Earth. Use your Entryway Protection Crystal Kit whenever you feel that your home needs an extra shield of protective energy, or whenever you hold an energy clearing session for your home. First, burn sage to eliminate negative energy. Then, burn Palo Santo to bring blessings into your home. Place a Black Tourmaline crystal on either side of your front door (on the outside of your home) to prevent negative energy from entering your space. Tie the bell on the inside of your front door.


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Entryway Protection Crystal Kit