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Energy Shield Necklace


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Protection • Reflects Negativity • Bubble of Protection
Since ancient times, gold Pyrite has been worn as a symbol of good luck and a protective energy shield to reflect any unwanted energy back to its original sender. The Energy Shield Necklace was created to hold the frequency of a sword, cutting through any negative, harmful energy or psychic attack to protect your aura and energy body. 

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For centuries, iron Pyrite has been highly valued and used by ancient wisdom keepers. It is believed to hold a very strong protective energy, in addition to attracting wealth, abundance and good luck. Ancient civilizations often wore it as a reflective, protective  energy shield, the mirror like quality reflecting back any unwanted energy to its original sender. When you wear a pyrite necklace, it holds the frequency of a sword, cutting through any negative energy and psychic attack.

Because of its connection with the Sun, pyrite healing properties are very positive and uplifting, helping to invite in positivity and rid your aura of negativity. It holds the energy of Mother Earth within it, grounding you so that you can take action in the world. Wearing a pyrite slab close to the heart also provides you with the motivation and willpower to pursue your dreams, helping you to overcome any fears that may be blocking your pathway to success.

Wear your Energy Shield Necklace when you wish to have an extra layer of protection around your aura and energy body. 

Affirmation: I am protected. I have a strong energetic shield of protection around me at all times.

Every slab used within these pyrite necklaces will be unique and different—no two are alike. It is strung on a brown adjustable cotton cord. 


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