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Let our Empowerment Necklace uplift your spirit and rally you on to accomplish your goals! Made with Azurite, Hematite, Amethyst, Quartz and Sodalite, rather than dwelling on failures of the past, let the energy of these five crystals get you back on your feet. Every time you feel the weight of the crystals on your neck, bring yourself back to your intention of feeling empowered as a rush of crystal energy pulses through your body.


Sports teams have cheerleaders, but what do we have to motivate us in our many clutch moments throughout the day? Since bringing a cheer squad along with you to your job interview is mildly impractical, let our Empowerment Necklace pump you up instead. With five crystals especially attuned to the energy of inspiration, this azurite necklace will uplift your spirit and rally you on until to accomplish your goals. Rather than allowing yourself to sulk after a loss or a failure, the energy within this necklace is designed to help you back on your feet.

Never stop pursuing a greater victory by tapping into the energy of Azurite. Not only will it enhance your inspiration, it will be there to help you remain calm and recover during a crisis. With properties like stress relief, mental expansion, increased self-expression and reduced fears and doubts, azurite is the perfect crystal to get you through emotional ups and downs with the conviction. To absorb any negativity that might threaten your progress with feelings of defeat, this azurite necklace also includes hematite beads and a hematite pendant. Hematite will dispel negative thoughts, and ground you with an infusion of confidence and concentration in your base chakra. The amethyst within this design is meant to root you on by instilling you with positive energy. Amethyst relieves stress and promotes clear judgement in the decision making process. It’s definitely a crystal you want to tap into when the pressure is on, and you could use a little encouragement. If you want to program an intention to perform at your highest potential, the quartz within this Empowerment necklace makes that possible. Quartz will amplify the energy of the intention that you programmed, and simultaneously cleanse you of any negative thoughts that might block the success of your intention. To visualize your path to a better future, use the Sodalite within this necklace. It will fill you with the self-esteem you need to transform your dream into a reality.

Affirmation: I accept my greatness with gratitude.



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Love it! Review by JW
I have felt more empowered than ever after wearing this necklace for a while. There is a subtle energy the is both calming and inspiring. I feel more confidence and accept my greatness with gratitude! (Posted on 8/2/2017)

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