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Emotional Cleansing Necklace


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Release • Let Go • Being Present
Wear this Emotional Cleansing necklace to release any fear and clear all blocks within your mind, body and spirit. New Jade facilitates the release of pent up, unprocessed emotions, encouraging them to surface and providing you within comfort as you work through them. Paired with African Turquoise on a vegan suede cord, this pendant necklace will add a touch of high vibe energy to your spring wardrobe!

Tie the necklace to your desired length--you can adjust it on your own!


New Jade helps to release fear and clear any blocks within your heart, allowing suppressed emotions to surface. Wearing this new jade pendant necklace encourages perceiving unprocessed emotions as the key to setting you free from your past, allowing you to move forward. Seeing a hurtful situation from a different perspective helps lift a heavy cloud of energy from of your auric field.  New jade is a very sweet, gentle gemstone that helps to cleanse, purify and detoxify your mind, body and spirit. African Turquoise is a stone of evolution and transformation, assuring you that the possibilities for you are limitless. 

Affirmation: I am cleansing my mind, body and spirit of suppressed emotions that no longer serve me so I can move forward and be emotionally free. 

This Emotional Cleansing necklace is made with a free-form New Jade pendant, vegan suede cord and African Turquoise beads. Each one will vary slightly in appearance, size, shape and color as they are handmade with love and intention. 


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