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The Pacifier

The stone of patience, the Dumortierite crystal gives us inner guidance to approach problems with an open heart instead of an angry mind. Your ego might want to win the argument at all costs, but it's not just the other person that gets hurt in a disagreement. The one who throws the coals gets their hands burned first.

If clouds of negativity are beginning to gather, Dumortierite reminds us not to just weather the storm but also learn how to dance in the rain. The most grounding of all the blue stones, the Dumortierite crystal is the extinguisher that puts out the fire in your heart before it sends smoke and debris to your head.

Dumortierite Meaning & Healing

To access the healing benefits of this cool and calming stone, combine it with other blue stones like Lapis Lazuli for a healing layout that creates a synergistic effect between the crystals, amplifying its energy and bringing new ideas to the surface. By stimulating and supporting the third eye chakra, this healing gem cocktail encourages higher brain function while balancing the needs of the everyday. It's OK to have your head in the clouds but you still have to maintain day-to-day life. Dumortierite helps keep the mind balanced with spiritual nutrition so that the body has the energy and vitality to take action in practical matters.

Meditating with the stone also enhances your psychic abilities by clearing away negative thoughts clouding the mind. By connecting the third eye with the crown chakra, the Dumortierite crystal stone creates a clear channel of communication between the physical realm and the spirit world. When you meditate with the stone, use it as your guide on a mind-bending shamanistic journey that traverses space and time, reconnecting you to past lives. But these life-changing visions don't come easy. Meditation takes patience, the loyal companion to wisdom.

When you're searching for universal truths, open the doors of perception with a daily meditation regimen that re-aligns your energy centers and helps you vibrate at your highest potential.

Dumortierite Meaning

Named after the French paleontologist Eugene Dumortierite, the Dumortierite crystal meaning is linked with the deep well of creativity that lies within the soul. If you come across something in your life that you don't understand, it's your soul that has the insight to see beyond the limitations of the mind. Use the Dumortierite crystal stone meaning to create a sense of harmony that comes from getting out of your head and back into your inner spirit.

Following the Zen tradition, gaze at the stone and focus your awareness on its pure light infusing your mind-body-spirit with healing vibrations. With every breath, visualize all the pain, confusion, and anger melting away as you breathe in peace and harmony. Remember that toxic emotions are temporary blocks that easily clear with a focused daily meditation routine. Carry this stone with you on a daily basis and whenever an uncomfortable situation presents itself, hold it close to your chest and focus on breathing deeply, a relaxation technique that helps you return to the steady pace of nature.

The Xanax of the mineral world, use Dumortierite to let go of daily stress and past traumas and instead, focus on taking control of your life with a sense of calm that comes from renewed assertiveness and self-confidence in everything you do. Armed with the courage of the blue color ray, let it release your fears when you sink into its dreamy waters of tranquility, the soothing and healing element that sustains life itself.

Dumortierite Properties

Of all the blue stones, Dumortierite has the most powerful effect on the root chakra, making it an energetic muse for all forms of creativity. By instilling patience and anchoring you to the earth, it sets the stage for the highest form of creative expression. The seeds of genius, use the Dumortierite crystal healing properties to learn how to trust your own instincts by knowing the difference between what's good for you and what you need to leave behind.

When it comes to creativity and living at your highest potential, negative thoughts are your worst enemy. Meditate with this healing stone and call on it when you need trust and security in your life. The most essential ingredient in life, trust is the glue that keeps it all together. Because when trust is gained, loyalty and respect is earned. Sit quietly with the stone and do a quick mind-body scan of your current state of being. Whatever negative thoughts surface, ask the Dumortierite crystal properties to guide you in the direction of light and love, the medicine to heal the world.

Dumortierite reminds us that anything is possible with love and patience, the seeds of hope for the future.

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