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Double Terminated Quartz


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A double terminated quartz crystal has energy flowing in two directions, giving it the power to unite two people, two chakras, or two ideas together. It is a powerful crystal for meditation, chakra healing and self-study as well.

Small: ~2” • Medium: ~2.5” • Large: ~2.75”-3”


Double terminated quartz has a symmetrical point on both ends and channels energy in both directions. Because of this flow of energy, it has the power to unite two people, two chakras, or two ideas together, making it one of the most powerful healing crystals.

With double terminated quartz, you give and receive energy, since it channels the energy in both directions. This helps to connect you with everyone who enters your life. As you move through your day-to-day life, you’ll see the good in everyone you come across, giving you more patience, understanding, and allowing you to receive their positive energy. In return, you’ll give them positive energy, as you are able to exhibit kindness and gratitude towards them. This giving and receiving of energy deepens your spirituality and connectedness with the world outside of your meditation practice. 

Because double terminated quartz properties easily unite you with others, it is especially useful for channeling energy during group meditation, chanting, or healing. As you hold the crystal, visualize energy flowing through the crown of your head, down your arm and through the crystal and to another person or group. On the other hand, place it in your windowsills to protect your home from the negative energy of those around you.

A double terminated quartz is also beneficial for self-study.  We all have a divine soul, and around it is our personality, which is made up of our experiences, beliefs, and preferences.  Self-study is about knowing our true identity and watching how our beliefs take shape. Realizing your true self creates a path to freedom. By shifting from identification with the personality, to witness consciousness—observing what is happening without reactivity or judgment— you’ll improve your intuition and ultimately, connect with your authentic self. 

Double terminated quartz properties strengthen the connection between the personality and the true self because of the energy flowing in two directions. You’ll be able to express more of your authentic self through your personality, keeping you on a spiritual path in daily life. Hold the quartz in your hand and imagine energy from the world entering one end of the crystal and exiting into your body trough the other end. This will guide you to find balance with the world. 

Since quartz is one of the most powerful and diverse stones for healing, it can also unblock and balance all chakras. When worn as a pendant, or placed on the body during meditation, the quartz healing properties emanate up and down the chakra system through the two points of the crystal.  If you are already using other crystals for energizing chakras, quartz will amplify the healing properties of those stones as well. 

These double terminated quartz crystals are very high-grade quartz from Brazil. Each one of these double terminated quartz crystal will be completely different and unique. No two are alike; they will all vary in shape, size and pattern—yet they all carry a very powerful energy. All sales are final on these crystals. 


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