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Amazonite Home Decor


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Flow • Expansive • Unstuck
If you aren’t sure how to display crystals in your home, we have the solution! These Home Decor Crystals are the perfect way to implement crystals into your space. This beautiful display includes a natural chunk of raw Amazonite and a simple black stand. Uplift the vibes in any room of your home with the fun loving energy of these crystals. Feeling stuck? Amazonite is your ally. With their own personal stands, let these dazzling crystal accents become a permanent statement in your home.

The crystal is about 3.5" to 4.5" in height. With the stand, they are approximately 5" to 6" tall. 
Note: the crystal is removable from the stand to use in meditation or however you please!



Amazonite is thought of as a crystal with a playful energy. By encouraging your spirit to embrace its spontaneous side, amazonite healing energy brings a sense of adventure onto the horizon. This is a great crystal remedy to anyone who has been feeling stuck, or uninspired in life. The fluid energy of amazonite breaks through energy blocks like the fear that causes hesitancy and doubt to hold you back. Wherever you choose to place your Amazonite home decor crystal, it’s important to program the stone. Tap into the amazonite benefits by setting the intention to free your spirit, and live your truth. Amazonite healing energy will help guide you toward a more joyful existence by shifting your mindset. Let amazonite fuel your explorations with a rejuvenated sense of hope and optimism.

There is only one of these crystals - you will be receiving the one that is pictured. As part of our One of a Kind sale, this item is a special price, does not come with a description card and is final sale.


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