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The Traveling Crystals


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Travelling can rattle the nerves of even the most experienced jetsetter. Unfamiliar surroundings, long lines at the airport and tight timeframes are the perfect recipe for anxiety and stress. You shouldn’t need a vacation from your vacation! Instead, pack your bags for a better state of mind with this bag of crystals for travel: Shungite, Malachite, Labradorite, Rhodonite, Moonstone and Amethyst.


This Crystal Travel bag is comprised of six of our favorite crystals for travel. We designed this bag to comprise every form of energy that you’d need along your journey. From crystals to boost the energy of protection and situational awareness, to crystals to help you manifest meaningful connections, this bag has everything you need to keep cool, calm and collected. Ease the stress of traveling, and actually enjoy your experience with crystals for travel like: labradorite, malachite, moonstone, rhodonite, shungite and amethyst.

Shungite is the crystal you want in the airport, when you know that you’re going to have to go through security and be surrounded by everyone’s tech devices. To limit your exposure to the EMFs cast off by these devices as well as ground yourself in emotional stability, carry a piece of shungite.

Known as a guardian stone for travelers, Malachite lends you the wisdom you need to keep yourself out of danger. If you’ve found yourself in a pattern of negativity, get a fresh perspective about your trip with malachite. It's also said to help alleviate the effects of jetlag. 

Labradorite is your destiny stone, and will guide you to find the most fulfilling path throughout your journey. It brings about clandestine energy to fill your trip with days of perfection. Carry this stone in your pocket or purse on your travel adventure to align with the unlimited potential of the universe. 

Rhodonite is the ideal stone for those entering foreign surroundings, because it helps you to see how your actions are perceived by locals. Make deeper connections with people as you travel, and protect yourself with the energy of rhodonite. Place Rhodonite next to your bed as a reminder to nurture yourself.

Moonstone has long held the reputation as a traveler’s stone, because it brings good fortune and light to your spirit. If ever along your journey, you begin feeling homesick, you can look to the energy of moonstone to lift your mood. We always like to add a piece of Moonstone to our luggage so it doesn't get lost! 

Amethyst is one of the best crystals for travel. Known for soothing anxieties and encouraging you to relax, amethyst urges you to enjoy your adventure. By shielding your spirit from negative energy, amethyst ensures that you will have a safe and peaceful journey. Meditate with amethyst each day to feel rejuvenated and relaxed. 

Each stone in the crystal travel bag will vary slightly in shape, color, pattern and size. 



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