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Have you ever wondered where to buy healing crystals? Unlike traditional healing remedies, crystals can sometimes be difficult to locate. However, you’ve come to one of the best online distributors -- buy crystals online today from Energy Muse! We have a large selection of healing crystals for sale, along with information on each crystal’s attribute, their specific meaning and more.
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  • Blue Kyanite Crystal

    Spirituality • Self-Expression • HonestyParaiba Blue Kyanite is a rare form of the crystal remarked for its lustrous sheets of intricate lattice. Appearing in a shade of teal blue, this stunning variety of Kyanite can further personal growth and the spiritual journey through its…
  • Purple Opal Pyramid

    Spirituality • Intuition • PeaceConnect with a Purple Opal Pyramid to cleanse your spirit of negative energy so your spirit can expand and grow. A Purple Opal crystal helps heighten your spiritual awareness and strengthen your sense of intuition, creating a deeper connection with yourself…
  • Spirit Quartz Crystal

    Uplifting • Spirituality • AwarenessWhen your spirit is feeling dim, connect with a Spirit Quartz Cluster. Use the Spirit Quartz meaning to vibrate higher and tap into the depths of your own spirit. With this crystal cluster, you will learn to turn inward and uncover your inner wisdom…

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