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Frosted Quartz Om Necklace


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This hand-carved Frosted Quartz Om Necklace is truly one-of-a-kind; like nothing we have ever seen before! Quartz Crystal activates and energizes all the energy centers within your body. Program it to hold your intention and constantly put it out into the universe. Wearing the powerful Om symbol attracts power that can improve your life, reminding you of the depth of your spiritual journey. 

Pendant Size: 2.5" 
36" Black Cotton Cord 


This Frosted Quartz Om Necklace was sand-blasted to give the quartz the frosted, matte appearance. The Om symbol was handcarved into the crystal. Quartz Crystal is a stone of manifestation that energizes and activates the energy centers within your body. It can be programmed to hold a specific, focuses intention, making it a wonderful piece to wear every day. Once you program your crystal, it will continue to put your intention out into the universe. Quartz Crystal brings clarity of mind and helps you to focus on your goals and dreams.

Believed to bestow peace harmony and eternal bliss to the wearer, the Om symbol has long been recognized as a powerful healing and spiritual symbol. Wearing the Om Symbol attracts power that can improve your life and reminds you of the depth of your spiritual journey. Om is the all encompassing cosmic vibration of the universe--the sound of the universe. It encompasses the three syllables: A, U and M ("aaaah", "oooh," and "mmm"). For yogis, this trinity of syllables can represent heaven, earth and the underworld, the waking, dreaming and dreamless state, or the past, present and future. The Om symbol meaning also contains the Sanskrit letter for each of these syllables. The bottom curve represents the waking state, the top curve represents deep sleep or the unconscious, and the curve on the right represents the dream state (between waking and sleeping). The dot represents the absolute state of consciousness, which illuminates all other states of consciousness. Lastly, the semicircle separates the absolute from the other three curves. 

This beautiful crystal pendant was handcrafted by crystal artist, Hovave. He spends weeks on each pendant, transforming them from raw crystal material to these beautiful pendants. Many of his works of art evolve from the concept of crystals and lights. With each crystal he works with, he stays true to the organic form and beauty of each crystal, only tumbling or hand-carving symbols within them to reveal the unique qualities that lie within the crystal. He aims to reveal the “heart” of the crystal within each piece.

Due to the nature of the pendants, they will all differ in size, pattern and shape. This necklace is on a 36" black cotton cord, with no metal of any kind, so not to interfere with the energy of the crystal. Each one is beautiful, unique and tells its own story. All sales are final on these pieces, and no coupon codes will be honored due to the limited supply. 


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