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Crystal Meditation for Kids Kit


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This kit of crystals for kids helps teach children to meditate, which provides them with a tool for lowering anxiety, focusing their mind and creating positive thoughts. Our Crystal Meditation for Kids Kit combines the energies of a Fluorite Point, Fuchsite Stones and a quartz crystal point to create an interactive way to teach your children to meditate. 

Check out Lacey Mackey of Natureal Mom's post on using crystals with kids


“If every 8-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we would eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” — Dalai Lama

Teaching kids to meditate is a powerful way to instill healthy habits and positive thinking at a young age. Teaching kids meditation provides them with tools for lowering anxiety, focusing their mind and creating positive thoughts. Using crystals for a meditation for kids is an exciting and fun way to teach children the importance of meditation and mindfulness. The benefits of this crystal meditation for kids are just as powerful as meditation for adults, however it also gives them the opportunity to learn these tools at a younger age, preparing them for life as a teenager and adult. This also creates an interactive, bonding activity between you and your children. 

We have created this Crystal Meditation for Kids Kit using some of our favorite crystals for kids. Green Fuchsite is often called the fairy stone because of the gold glittering “fairy dust” the crystal leaves behind. It connects children with their imagination and the magic that surrounds them, encouraging relaxation, fun and joyfulness.  Fluorite is said to be the home to rainbows, bringing positive energy and light. It also acts as a “vacuum cleaner” for negative energy, anxiety and stress. The clear quartz point activates the field around a child to create a calm and loving energy. When you draw the circle around your child’s body, it also connects and unites the energy of the crystals on their body. 

Place the Fluorite point on your child’s third eye, in between the eyebrows, with the point facing upwards, towards the top of their head. Have them hold the Fuchsite stones in their hands. You, or the caregiver, then takes the Quartz point and draws three circles around the child’s body, creating a calming energy field. This will help your child to relax, inducing a meditative state. This would be a great addition to their bedtime routine or to use as a technique to calm your child down. Teaching this crystal meditation for kids will transform a child’s behavior and habits.

These crystals for kids are large enough that young children won’t easily swallow them, however this kit should always be used with supervision of a parent, sibling or caretaker. Each kit comes with 1 Fluorite Point, 2 Fuchsite stones, 1 small quartz crystal point and a card explaining the crystal meanings and directions for the meditation for children. All sales are final on this crystal kit. 


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