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Crystal Facial Grid Kits

Crystallize your beauty routine with these crystal facial grid kits! These crystal kits are a simple way to incorporate crystals into your beauty routine and balance your skin and your mind. Choose the crystal facial grid that best aligns with your beauty intentions and create a crystallized nightly ritual that your skin will thank you for: Stress Free with Amethyst, Fluorite + Celestite, Anti-Aging with Rose Quartz, Aquamarine + Lepidolite or Detox with Shungite, Tourmalinated Quartz + Clear Quartz.

We recommend getting a Quartz Crystal Point to take your crystal facial grid to the next level! You may also enjoy our Ultimate Crystal Beauty Routine, Crystal Beauty Water Recipe and Rose Quartz Beauty Hacks

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All Energy Muse Jewelry is handcrafted in the USA.

Each piece is cleansed & activated in our sacred healing room.

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We all strive for the perfect dewy glow that is all the rage right now. But what we often aren’t addressing is the energy component to skincare—the tension and stress that we tend to hold in our face. For all real women, who sweat, travel, stress and get a little too much sun from time to time, we have the perfect cosmic solution to unwind from the grind of your daily routine: a crystal facial grid kit.

Whether you’re looking to relieve stress on your skin from all of those excess products, detoxify it to its purest state or embody that trendy youthful glow, we have the perfect crystal facial grid kit to suit your every need! Co-founder, Heather Askinosie, developed a series of crystal facial grids to stimulate different energy combinations. Specific skin care needs require specific solutions to unlock your ultimate facial glory:

  • Radiate from the inside out with a Stress Free Crystal Facial Grid kit designed to release your daily tension. By calming the mind with Fluorite, Amethyst and Celestite, this crystal energy combination evokes peaceful vibrations to relax the mind, body and spirit, while releasing the stress and tension stored within your face.
  • With the Anti-Aging Crystal Facial Grid kit, the aim is to refresh and rejuvenate. Using Lepidolite, Rose quartz and Aquamarine, a youthful vibrance tickles the skin. Ancient stories of goddesses gathering to use rose quartz in facial massages still reverberate today because of the practice’s ability to promote a clear complexion with reduced wrinkles. Known as Cleopatra’s favorite beauty stone, Lepidolite, or mica, is believed to help slow down the aging process.
  • Many of us live in heavily populated areas where pollutants in the air reek havoc on our skin. We all need a Detox Crystal Facial Grid kit to remedy the day-to-day damage. The forceful trio of Shungite, Clear Quartz and Tourmalinated quartz promotes blood circulation, breaks up stagnant energy and encourages a smooth flow of energy throughout your face. 

Due to the nature of the stones, all crystal facial grid kits will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern; all are natural stones. All sales are final on these grid kits. 

How To Use


1. Energetically cleanse your space with sage, palo santo or frankincense to clear out any negative energy and ensure your space is vibrating at the highest energy.
2. Thoroughly cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser. (You can also do this crystal facial after your favorite mask.) Rinse your stones with water to ensure they’re clean.
3. Find a comfortable place where you can lie flat and feel relaxed (your bed, a yoga mat etc). Lay down, but make sure your stones are close by.
4. Carefully place your stones in the designated arrangement on your face. We also recommend activating the your grid formation with a quartz crystal point, drawing invisible lines between the stones like you are “connecting the dots.” You can have someone help you with this step if needed.
5. Leave your crystal facial grid in place for 15-20 minutes.
6. Open your eyes and ease yourself back into reality. Remove your stones from your face and rinse them with water.
7. Place them out in the sun for at least 4 hours before your next crystal facial.


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