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Crystal Business Card Holder


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Motivation • Success • Positivity
Infuse your business cards with the positive energy of a crystal! With three different varieties, Amethyst, Blue Apatite and Rose Quartz, there’s a perfect energy to suit whatever you want more of in your business. Having a space at work that recharges your energy, and offers a sanctuary for re-centering is crucial to a happy career life. Certain crystals emit an energy that is attuned to helping you relax, get motivated, and tap into your creativity. If you haven’t been producing work that you’re proud, use these crystal business card holders to set the intention to let your passion and drive shine through. These crystals hold more than just your business cards. They hold the energy you want to tap into as well!


For those looking to channel a little more compassion, understanding and love into their work, you need a rose quartz business card holder. Rose quartz energy nourishes the heart chakra. It helps you to forgive yourself of any mistakes you’ve made, instead of letting your work suffer as you dwell on them. The boost of self-confidence that rose quartz energy lends will motivate you to look forward to mastering the new challenges ahead. Especially beneficial for anyone who works in humanitarian fields like social work, rose quartz guides you to see others from a perspective of love and understanding.

If your work life is stressful, amethyst energy is the perfect ally. This amethyst business card holder will take some of the weight off your shoulders by alleviating much of the anxiety within your third eye chakra. Tap into the soothing vibes of amethyst to be at your best, even under tight deadlines. The pressure this crystal takes off of you, allows you to think more rationally. Known to enhance the decision making process, it’s great for those whose business could benefit from less fear-based reasoning. Tuning into amethyst energy will help you to take those measured risks you’ve been shying away from, and shift your work into the next level.

Don’t let your work lose it’s playful spark. When you love what you do, others will love it too! Keeping an apatite business card holder on your desk helps you to stay positive about all your career pursuits. Fusing with your third eye chakra, apatite energy expands the minds beyond self-limiting beliefs, and encourages you to consider greater possibilities. Feel the stability that apatite energy gifts your base chakra as it reinvigorates you with a sense of determination.



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