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Clear Quartz Touchstone


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Life is full of forks in the road. Not clear on which way you want to go? Get crystal clear with a Clear Quartz touchstone. Supercharge your focus, manifestation skills and understanding of which paths to pursue with the ultimate stone for programming intentions. Use these palm stones in a meditation for clarity!

Size: ~1.5"


Crystal quartz is an amplification stone. It is the perfect stone to use when you need to magnify your power. Whether you’re using clear quartz healing properties to manifest calm, clarity or strength, crystal quartz healing benefits can enhance your ability to bring those properties into your life. In connecting with the entire chakric field, clear quartz cleanses all of the energy blocks and negativity stuck in your spirit. Free from the influence of negative energy, you can discover helpful perspectives that toxic thought cycles were keeping you from seeing.

The purification properties of clear quartz healing benefits are also great for just removing the stress or energy of others that can attach to you throughout your day. There’s a reason we call this stone a universal healer, and recommend it as a must-have stone for beginners! Hold it to focus on recognizing and amplifying your strengths.

If you have a job interview or an important meeting to prep for, use clear quartz palm stones in meditation to charge up for your big moment. Clear quartz can actually be used to charge and cleanse other crystals, so just imagine what it can for your spirit. Program your body, mind and spirit with the energies of confidence, self-love and grace so that you articulate yourself in the best way possible. After meditating with clear quartz for at least 11 minutes in preparation, say aloud the intention: I will succeed and make myself proud. Carry the clear quartz palm stone in your pocket or purse to keep that confident energy close.   

Each Clear Quartz touchstone will vary slightly in color, pattern, shape and size. All sales are final on these stones. 


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Lovely Review by Laura
I was nicely impressed with this. New to the crystals so i wasn't sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. I want to keep holding it! (Posted on 2/26/2018)

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