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Cleavelandite Crystal • 6.5lbs


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Cleavelandite brings focus in times of profound change, helping you to embrace the changes and move gracefully through them. It helps you to focus on the positive and gratifying aspects of the changes, versus focusing on the difficulty and hardships. Cleavelandite is also said to ease the symptoms brought on by menopause, as well as alleviate the emotional scars of abandonment and betrayal. This beautiful mineral specimen is filled with golden Mica inclusions that sparkle in the light.

6.5lbs • 6" x 8" x 5"


It may seem hard to focus on anything else with this lustrous white crystal around, but Cleavelandite will actually enhance your focus and help to affirm the goals you set. As a variety of Albite, it forms tabular plates with the chemical composition of sodium aluminum silicate. Cleavelandite has a triclinic crystal system, and a durability of 6.5. This relatively common stone is located in Brazil, Canada, Madagascar and Russia, and will often be found infused with other minerals like mica, lepidolite and tourmaline.

The primary chakra that Cleavelandite connects with is the crown chakra. Meditating with it in your space is most helpful in times of change, or in times when change is needed. If you are holding onto grudges, past hurt or other emotional trauma, let it go by focusing on the new with affirmations set by Cleavelandite. It can show you the tools and path you need to excel beyond your stagnant station in life. Fear may be holding you back from the changes you need to make, but Cleavelandite combined with mica will add determination, courage and focus during the process of your development.

Cleavelandite helps you to focus on the positive, gratifying changes that come out of facing difficulties in your life. It facilitates the release of emotional hurts, such as abandonment, rejection and betrayal. It is also believed to ease the symptoms brought about by menopause.

This crystal is exquisite and very high quality, truly one of a kind. There is only one of these crystals, so no coupon codes are valid and all sales are final. 


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