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Green Tourmaline in Quartz


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Heart Opening • Love •  Power
Green Tourmaline in Quartz combines the heart-opening and confidence-boosting properties of Green Tourmaline with the amplifying powers of Quartz. Together, this combination of stones works to prepare you for love. This stone is especially powerful for men, due to its yang, or masculine, energy.

 Size: ~1.5"- 2"


For men, Green Tourmaline is known to align the chakras and dispel any doubts that are keeping you from embracing your true power. For women, Green Tourmaline properties are valued because of how they not only cleanse the spirit of negativity, but also guide you to recognize the positive opportunities available to you. Those benefits are all amplified by the power of Quartz crystal. So for anyone who is looking to purify their heart of fear, and take on the future they want with confidence, Green Tourmaline in Quartz is the stone you need to work with.

Green tourmaline benefits are especially powerful because they both cleanse and uplift the heart chakra. That’s what makes it such an ideal stone for those going through a breakup. Use this Green Tourmaline in Quartz stone to rid yourself of past hurt and heartbreak, and prepare yourself to love and be loved again. The masculine yang energy of this stone helps to balance your heart chakra and strengthen your heart so you are strong enough to overcome any pain or fear that’s holding you back. By healing you heart and filling you with power and confidence, Green Tourmaline crystals work to open you up to love again. The Green Tourmaline meaning is magnified by the Quartz, taking your journey to love to the next level.

Because of the Quartz healing properties, a Green Tourmaline in Quartz crystal is programmable. Set your love intention and let the Green Tourmaline in Quartz crystals send it out into the universe for you.

What Does It Mean When I’m Drawn to a Green Tourmaline in Quartz crystal:

If you are drawn to a Green Tourmaline in Quartz crystal, you are likely ready to let love into your life. Whether you’re healing from a past relationship or starting to put yourself back out there, this crystal holds the energy to help you move forward with confidence.

How to Use:

Meditate with a Green Tourmaline in Quartz crystal in each hand to heal and balance your heart chakra and prepare yourself for love.

Due to their nature, each crystal will be different in shape, size, pattern and color.



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