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Citrine Cluster

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Happiness • Light • Abundance
What if you learned that happiness could be found within? Working with a Citrine Cluster can help you turn inward to connect with a sense of happiness that is always available to you. Use the positive energy that a Citrine Cluster emits to create an abundant and prosperous life.  


Citrine is a bright and sunny stone that connects you to your inner light. Happiness is a choice, and Citrine properties guide you toward choosing happiness every single day. This high vibrational crystal raises your vibration. Citrine crystals are incapable of emitting negative, low vibrational frequencies. Working with Citrine teaches you to mimic its ability to only emit vibrations of light and happiness.

Because of its positive energy, Citrine is also a powerful crystal to work with to create abundance. The Citrine meaning connects with your solar plexus chakra to stimulate confidence and willpower to help you remain positive and committed throughout your financial journey. Simply having a Citrine Cluster nearby will fill your spirit with the power and positivity you need to bring more abundance your way.  

Origin: The Democratic Republic of Congo

How to Use a Citrine Cluster:

Place your Citrine Cluster on your windowsill to bring light and happiness into your space.


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