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Chrysocolla Crystal with Hematite on Stand


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This Chrysocolla Crystal with Hematite on a stand is truly a work of crystal art. Having Chrysocolla in your living space brings the energy of new beginnings, helping to facilitate smooth transitions to any changes within your home. It carries a deep Earth energy, and with the added Hematite inclusions, filling your space with grounding, rooting and stabilizing energies. This large crystal makes a beautiful energetic addition to your living or dining room. 

Size with Stand: 9" tall x 7.25" deep x 7.25" wide 


Raw Chrysocolla is a very spiritually evolved stone, one that combines the fluidity of water energy with the stability of Earth energy. The beautiful blues and browns run throughout each crystal, encouraging movement and propelling change. Chrysocolla healing crystals are wonderful to place in your space to bring the energy of the new beginnings, especially if you are having trouble letting go of the past. Raw chrysocolla is especially helpful during times of change and transition—such as breakups, job loss and other similar situations—because it helps to calm your emotions so that you can begin to heal. The chrysocolla properties gently draw away negative energies of all kinds, helping to purify your energy field. This Chrysocolla piece also has inclusions of Hematite (red) which add a grounding and stabilizing energy to the crystal. 

Keep a large chunk of raw chrysocolla near you in times of high-stress as it will bring about a gentle release. It encourages heartfelt communication, holding a very loving, comforting energy for a blue crystal. It also helps to empower the feminine energy in both men and women. Having it in your living space is said to increase your capacity to love.

This Chrysocolla crystal is truly a one of a kind piece. It was mined from a Gold mine in Arizona, and is on a handmade bronze stand. Because we have a very limited supply of these crystals, no coupon codes are valid and all sales are final. 


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