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Chrysanthemum Stone


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Joy • Abundance • Courage
A Chrysanthemum Stone is believed to help awaken your true purpose in life, providing you with the support and courage to follow your dreams. If you are feeling unsure of yourself, it helps to bring confidence and reassure you that you are on the right path.

Size: 2" to 2.5"


If your life has all the drama of a reality T.V. show, you may need to tone down the tension with a Chrysanthemum Stone. Even when we are consciously aware that our actions are petty, it can at times be difficult to escape the path that trivial emotions are leading us down. To find a mindful alternative to jealousy and judgement, use chrysanthemum stone to reach a more enlightened state of self. 

Broaden a narrow-minded point of view in meditation with this crystal. This stone contains an energy that forges through obstacles to bring joy, love and abundance into your life. It washes away dark influences, and brings light into the mental and spiritual realm. It is believed to awaken your true purpose in life, lending the support and courage necessary to help you follow your dreams. Chrysanthemum stones create balance between your mind, body and spirit, encouraging love and joy in each. Its flowering patterns bring a burst of energy and abundance in your life.

A chrysanthemum stone is also a very powerful healing stone for meditation, helping you to become more grounded and connected to your inner calling. Often our petty feelings are rooted in deeper feelings of worthlessness or insecurity. So to defend ourselves from the negativity we self inflict, we deflect that insecurity on others. In bolstering your confidence and self-assuredness through the power of chrysanthemum, you can avoid the traps of negativity for yourself and others. Thus, if you are someone who feels unsure of yourself, unclear of whether you are living the life you are meant to lead, a chrysanthemum stone is perfect for you. It helps you to remember that life and growth are much like a flower, constantly changing and evolving. It also reminds you to stand out and accept yourself.

Each Chrysanthemum stone will differ in size, shape and pattern, but each one is special and unique. All sales are final on these stones.  


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