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Chlorite Included Quartz Sphere


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Chlorite Phantom Quartz, or green phantom quartz, is the rarest of all phantom quartz crystals, and also the most powerful. It is a strong crystal for healing, reconnecting with nature and energy cleansing. Working with this crystal facilitates the release of self-limiting thoughts and energy blockages that may be holding you back from achieving your fullest potential. Finding a phantom within a crystal sphere is almost unheard of, and with chlorite phantoms in this quartz sphere, it holds the energy of abundance and prosperity. 

740g • 2.75" diameter


phantom quartz crystal is a very unique, rare and special crystal. The phantoms inside a crystal are indicative of a crystal's evolution, transformation and life story. A phantom is a mineral deposit within a crystal that appears to look like a "ghost" of a crystal within another crystal; they form when the growth of the crystal has been interrupted or blocked by something, and then the crystal begins to grow again afterwards, literally leaving behind evidence of this "obstacle" it overcame. The phantom quartz meaning is universal awareness and they represent the many phases of the cycle of life. 

Chlorite Phantom Quartz, or green phantom quartz, is the rarest of all phantom quartz crystals, and perhaps the most powerful. Chlorite quartz is an incredibly powerful crystal for healing and reconnecting with Nature, as it carries a strong connection with Mother Earth. Holding and meditating with these crystals helps to clear any environmental pollution or negative energy from our personal energy field and aura. All phantoms are facilitators of growth, but Chlorite Phantom Quartz is particularly powerful for self-healing and regeneration; it also helps to facilitate detoxification. These green phantom quartz crystals help to ground any excessive or painful emotions into the Earth, helping you to achieve a sense of inner balance. 

Green chlorite phantom quartz crystals facilitate a connection with Mother Earth on a soul level, helping us to recognize her as a living, breathing being. The green chlorite's detoxifying and cleansing properties are magnified and amplified by the quartz crystal helping to clear the energy of our environment, energy body and chakras. It will prove to help resolve issues of the heart, removing blockages that will allow you to acknowledge, heal, forgive, release and move forward. Meditate with it over your heart chakra, or place it in your home, office or sacred space to clear negativity and energetically cleanse the space. 

This chlorite phantom quartz crystal sphere is rare, exquisite and very high quality. They were handpicked by Heather & Timmi for their uniqueness and beauty. No coupon codes are valid and all sales are final. 


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