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Chiastolite Slab


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Concentration • Focus • Abundance
When your mind is scattered, it’s hard to stay on target. The energy of these chiastolite slabs guides you to stay focused on hitting your goals, no matter how many stressful distractions surround you. Just like the bullseye on the face of this stone, chiastolite energy beckons you to concentrate on the target.

Size ~1.5"


Often when we think that there is only one way to hit our mark, we end up getting stuck and feeling there’s no way passed our block. Chiastolite’s gentle, grounding energy reminds you that even though you should always keep your eyes set on your goals, that doesn’t mean you should concentrate on only one way to get things done. Chiastolite energy provides endurance and stability, so that you feel comfortable looking at your situation from different perspectives. This steadfast energy motivates with the energetic strength and confidence to consider new solutions.

The boost in bravery and ingenuity that chiastolite leads you with helps you to conquer challenges in any area of your life. When you start feeling like you can’t imagine another route to your goal, or like your mind is too frazzled with other thoughts to keep pursuing your dreams, connect with the energy of chiastolite.

Hold this slab in your hands, and use it to set an intention for strength, positivity, and perspective. Write your intention on a small slip of paper, fold the paper, and set the slab on top. Place the intention and stone somewhere that it can be easily seen as a reminder of your goals. If you’re having difficulty manifesting the achievements you’ve been striving for at work, you can place the chiastolite on your desk with a small quartz point on top for amplified power.  

Each and every one of these chiastolite slabs will differ in shape, size, color and pattern. All sales are final on these crystals. 


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