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Charcoal Rounds


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Charcoal Rounds are ideal for lighting and using resins, like our Frankincense Resin. Simply light the charcoal round, placing it in a heat-safe dish, and place the resin atop it. Use the resin with your charcoal to cleanse the energy of your space!

Comes with 10 Charcoal Rounds. 


These charcoal rounds are ideal for lighting resins, like our frankincense resin. Using tongs, hold the charcoal round and use a light to heat the round. Rotate the charcoal within the flame for about two minutes until the charcoal is noticeably red, and just starting to grey. Put your charcoal on a heat-safe dish. Then, place your resin on top of the charcoal and hold the flame near the resin just for a moment or two to get it to start melting. By now, the resin should be smoking, and you can let it smoke until it burns out on its own.

Our charcoal rounds come in a pack of 10 rounds. No coupon codes are valid and all sales are final. 



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