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Champagne Golden Selenite


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Champagne Golden Selenite is one of the rarest and most unusual forms of Selenite, like a super-charged version. It holds the message of unity and wholeness, helping to reconnect everyone on our planet. Golden or yellow selenite illuminates your third eye and solar plexus chakra to unify your mind, heart and wisdom to develop a sense of trust and empowerment. Connecting with its energy helps you to achieve your soul’s highest purpose in your lifetime. Try our Golden Selenite crystal ritual to reclaim your willpower!

Small ~1.5" • Medium 2" to 3" • Large 3" to 4"


A recent crystal find, champagne Golden Selenite is one of the rarest and most unusual forms of Selenite. It’s like a super-charged version of Selenite that seems to be unearthed to help usher humankind into the next era. It grounds you deeply into the Earth and with the powerful energy of the Sun, strengthening your solar plexus and higher chakras. Golden selenite, sometimes called yellow selenite, is here to help evolve our consciousness, encouraging you to roll with any changes to come. Connecting with its energy helps you to achieve your soul’s highest potential in this lifetime. 

The golden selenite properties activate your third eye and balance your solar plexus chakra. By focusing on these two chakra centers, this crystal helps to ignite creating activity of will and developing the strength of intention and trust. Its energy helps you to feel the energy of trust and the intention of moving forward, becoming unstuck. Golden selenite healing properties unify the mind, heart and your inner wisdom so that you can create and manifest your dreams into reality.

We had never before worked with Champagne Golden Selenite—we’d never even seen it before the Denver Gem show this year. In working with it in the weeks after the show, we’ve found that it holds a message of unity and wholeness, helping to reconnect every one on our planet. It’s as if you’ve found an old friend, one who will help you transform and become whole again during this time of uncertainty. Golden selenite can help you reclaim your willpower and continue to move forward, living life from a place of truth and authenticity. Connecting with it on a regular basis helps to reignite a sense of empowerment and personal power.

These slabs of Champagne Golden Selenite are unbelievable. And we will likely not be able to get it again! Due to their nature, all will vary in size, shape, color and pattern. No coupon codes are valid and all sales are final. 


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