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Celestite Geode

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Size: Small 1.5-2"  Medium 2-3" • Large 3-4" • X-Large 4-5"

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Restful Sleep • Soothing • Serenity
Keep this standing Celestite Geode on your nightstand to rest easy under its calming vibrations. With Celestite by your side as you sleep, all negative energy and anxious thoughts will be cleansed from your spirit and space.


A Celestite Geode is the picture of restful sleep. With its blue and white cloud-like coloring, even just a glance at this crystal will surround you with soothing vibrations. The Celestite meaning works to calm your mind, body and spirit so you can sleep more soundly.

A Celestite Geode emits energy that is both soft and powerful. As its gentle vibrations lull you to sleep, they also dispel any negative thoughts or energy that threaten to keep you awake. Set this Celestite Geode on your nightstand to allow its gentle, comforting energy to quiet the mind before bed.

Let the energy of this standing Celestite Geode keep watch over your dreams, ensuring only positive thoughts as you rest soundly through the night.

Origin: Madagascar

How to Use a Celestite Geode:

Place a Celestite Geode on your bedside table or by your bed to create a serene environment for sleep.



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