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Carnelian Slice


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The ancient Egyptians referred to Carnelian as “the setting sun,” which is truly exemplified in these carnelian slices. Carnelian activates the first through third chakras, bringing a surge of life force and creative energies. It is arguably the most effective of the crystals for confidence building, courage, passion and self-worth. Connecting with a carnelian slice or even wearing a carnelian necklace awakens the energy in your lower chakras to increase your zest for life and willingness to take action towards your dreams. 

Size 2" to 3"
Each crystal slice will be unique in shape and appearance


Carnelian is strongly connected with your second sacral chakra, the energy center that is linked with your passion and purpose. Working with its energy helps you to focus on exactly what your soul needs and guides you towards finding your passion in life. It allows for creative ideas to flow, stimulating your passion and inspiring you to get on the path that leads you there. The flat shape of this carnelian slice is ideal for a sacral chakra healing layout—simply place over your second chakra and let the crystal do its work.

Carnelian is the perfect stone to use when you need to take major action towards a new path in life. It provides you with the courage and self-confidence to take the necessary leap of faith, especially for those who find themselves procrastinating or always putting things off. It’s the ideal crystal to bring with you on a job interview or audition because it is said to bring good luck and opportunity by awakening talents within and helping you to put your best foot forwards.

Connecting with a carnelian slice awakens your creative potential. It boosts your creativity and brings out any overlooked talents or skills. It connects your mental focus with your creative energy to create harmony. These carnelian slices are wonderful for children and teens, helping to bring out their creativity and self-esteem. 

These Carnelian slices will all vary in appearance, size and shape, each one is special and unique. They come from Madagascar. All sales are final on crystal slices.


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