You are a builder. You are responsible. You are ambitious. There is no job too big. When someone wants it done right, they call on you, Capricorn. You strive to excel in everything you do and work to reach peak results in the goals you set in life. There is a great need to identify your function within society, and to actualize the potential of that role. Those who have mastered the lessons of self-determination and self-discipline can realize meaningful social positions and status. Self-mastery feeds the very heart of your soul. Discover the power of Capricorn jewelry! 
capricorn jewelry
  • Clarity Bracelet

    Focus • Crystal Clear • VisionMade with Clear Quartz, the Clarity Bracelet helps you to get clear on your goals and intentions so that you can manifest results. By facilitating the release of habitual negativity, you are able to program your cellular body with clear thoughts, intentions…

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