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Calcite & Quartz Cluster


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Amplifies Energy Flow • Clears Negative Energy
A Calcite & Quartz cluster brings cleansing, peaceful and amplifying energy to your space. It is very protective, grounding and healing, bringing inner peace and relieving stress. The Quartz crystal amplifies the clearing energies of the Calcite to create a powerful crystal duo.  

Size: ~640g • ~5” x 3” x 2” 


These Calcite and Quartz Clusters are just beautiful. They are wonderful crystals for energy clearing and cleansing, increasing the flow of positive energy in your space. Calcite radiates gentle, revitalizing energies that help to open energy channels. It stimulates the fire energy in your home to release any energy blockages and negative energy. White Calcite is specifically great for healing and cleansing. It is very protective, grounding and centering, helping to bring inner peace and relieving stress. The Quartz Crystal amplifies and magnifies the cleansing energies of the calcite, creating a power combo for energy clearing. Place this cluster in the center of your living room, in your bedroom, atop your alter or in your meditation space to ensure a constant flow of calming and soothing energy. 

These beautiful calcite and quartz crystals are around 640g and approximately 5” x 3” x 2”. We only have three of these beautiful crystal clusters, and they will all vary slightly in size, shape and color. They come from a mine in China, and will not be available again this year. Because we have a very limited supply of these crystals, no coupon codes are valid and all sales are final. 


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