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Bumble Bee Jasper Plate


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Adventure • Transformation • Action
Be still my buzzing heart! These bumble bee jasper plates have our hearts pounding with excitement. Due to the rarity of this stone, we’re happy when we can find any bumble bee jasper, so when we saw these exquisite plates, we thought we might be dreaming. A swirl of yellow, black, grey and white, the dynamic colors of bumble bee jasper tell the story of where it comes from. A Bumble Bee Jasper Plate is the perfect match for adventurous souls.  If your volcanic passion for spiritual exploration is never dormant, then getting in touch with the energy of bumble bee jasper will guide you to embrace your lust for life and transformation.

Size: ~5.5" to 6"
Please note: due to the sulfur content, do NOT get these crystals wet. 


Bumble bee jasper is a stone that assists your spirit in recognizing the direction it seeks. Sulfur is present in nature in many different forms depending on its environment. Native Americans traditionally used sulfur to unite the four directions, Mother Earth and Father Sky. This plate is largely composed of gypsum, sulfur and hematite in a matrix of volcanic ash. The yellow sulfur in bumblebee jasper provides you with the confidence and inner power to push through your reservations, while also preventing any fear, worry or negative energy from entering your energy field.

It gently “melts through” self-imposed barriers that may be preventing you from moving forward and making positive changes. The gray/black in the bumble bee jasper helps you to remain focused on transforming your life in whichever way you want. It encourages you to sort out things in your head, bringing clarity and allowing you to clarify your plan. The bumble bee jasper properties remind you to reach for the stars because the only limits are the ones you place upon yourself.

Place the bumble bee jasper plate on your sacred altar to remind you of the journey that you are on toward a spiritual breakthrough. If there is a specific direction you would like to shift your life toward, write it down on a piece of paper, set the folded piece of paper on the bumble bee jasper plate, and place a small chunk of black tourmaline on top. The black tourmaline will lend you addition spiritual protection and grounding as you process the transformations you’d like to make.

A bumble bee jasper plate makes the perfect gift for that adventurous spirit in your life. It will keep them pursuing their dreams and striving for new peaks. 

Each one of these bumble bee jasper plates will differ slightly in color, shape, pattern and size. We have a very limited number of them! All sales are final.


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