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Thank you for pre-ordering Crystal Muse and embarking on this crystal journey with us! We are excited to be your guides as you explore your free bonus gifts. Learn how to crystallize your beauty routine, create stunning energy grids for the home, get centered with a guided crystal meditation and so much more. These gifts are a perfect way to commence your adventure with crystal energy before advancing to the rituals in the book. With fun features that you won’t find anywhere else, these gifts are as helpful as they are exclusive. So let’s get started!

How to Shift Your Space to Shift Your Life

You probably know how to physically clean your space, but do you know how to energetically cleanse it? Don’t let heavy energy create an unwelcoming vibe in your home. With this 25 minute video crash-course, Heather teaches you how to use sage, sound, frankincense, and more to breakup and purify the energy of your space. Knowing what each energy cleansing method does will help you to know which one to use when. With these techniques in your energy tool chest, your home will feel like a safe, sacred space. To shop the energy clearing tools mentioned in this mini-course, click here.

Using Crystals for Beauty

Heather shows how you can grid-to-glow with crystal facial grids designed to enhance both inner and outer beauty. If you’re prone to filling your online carts with the latest in beauty trends, then you’ll love these DIY tricks for crystallizing your beauty routine. Recipes include a refreshing, crystal-charged facial spritz, an anti-aging facial grid, a tension and wrinkle release facial grid and a stress-free facial grid. Watch this video mini-course to learn our favorite crystal beauty secrets that won’t be available in our crystal book! To shop the beauty crystals mentioned in this mini-course, click here.

7 Must-Have Crystals

Learn which crystals are the energy powerhouses that can take your potential to the next level in this video mini-course. Our co-founders, Heather and Timmi, discuss why everyone needs to take advantage of these crystals for anxiety relief, abundance, purification and more. This mini-course is mega-packed with ideas for quick rituals, in-home uses and the how-to’s for optimizing each crystal’s energy. To shop the 7 crystal wisdom keepers mentioned in this mini-course, click here.

A Crystallized Guided Meditation

Grab your crystals, it’s meditation time! Heather guides you through an 11-minute meditation that can be done at home, or even on your lunch break at work. When you need to get grounded and re-centered, invest 11 minutes with your crystals in hand with this simple mindful meditation. To grab your pair of selenite harmonizers or palm stones, click here.

To download the Guided Meditation, right-click HERE and select "Save As".

Crystal Grid PDF Guide

A crystal grid is like a spiritual blueprint for your intention. Think of it as an energy layout—a way to set the mood for your space. In this PDF guide, we'll walk you through creating three powerful crystal grid layouts. Follow the instructions and use the blank grid sheets to recreate the crystal grid formations in your home. To get your crystals to make your own crystal grid, click here.

Click below to view the crystal grid, or right-click and chose "Save As" to save to your device.

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