3 Essentials for a Meaningful Women’s Circle + Spiritual Gathering

3 Keys for a Meaningful Women's Circle

These days it seems like the easiest ways to catch up with our friends is through social media. When you’ve been scrolling through your Instagram feed, checking and refreshing your Facebook timeline, and reading the constant influx of tweets that pop up on your screen, by the end of your social stalking rampage, you get a play by play of all the happenings in your social network. With all this new information you’ve just learned, there doesn’t really seem like the need to call up that friend from college you haven’t seen in months, the soul sister you met on your wild escapade abroad, or even your closest girlfriend who you used to spend hours gossiping on the phone with before short, sporadic text messages became the dominate way to communicate.

While it may seem like you’re up to date in all of your friends’ lives because you know what they ate for breakfast that morning, the truth is your relationships aren’t nearly as strong as they once were when you first connected and forged a friendship. But don’t worry; we have the perfect way for you to reconnect with your friends in order to share your joyous life experiences with one another in real time. At the end of a long day of work, sometimes the idea of getting dolled up for an all night bender out on the town with the girls is just too exhausting, and instead you’ve already texted in a rain check to the group message. Rather than missing out on quality time with your friends we’ve got the perfect alternative to girls’ night out: a girls’ night in, a women’s circle! So pick up the phone. It’s time to call up your inner circle and plan a female gathering that involves spending time with your friends. And it’s as easy as one, two, three:

3 Essentials to a Meaningful Women’s Circle

1. First things first, pick a theme for your women’s circle.

This can be anything from celebrating new accomplishments, providing support for a friend in need, or simply a time to express your love and appreciation for your friendship with one another. It can be setting intentions together in tune with the moon, a powerful group meditation to further your spiritual growth or a little yoga session surrounded by your closest friends. If you’re doing a new moon ritual or setting full moon intentions, we recommend coordinating your women’s circle within a 3-day period of the new or full moon to benefit best from its energy. While it’s true that the energy from the moon supports intention setting and magnifies your manifesting power, don’t let its absence be a deal breaker for your spiritual gathering.  

2. Second, ditch the phones!

If you’re having an internal freak-out at the thought of parting with your most valued treasure, you definitely need a little digital detox. Remember it’s for the good of your friendships. Don’t let technology fool you with its never-ending updates; after all, it is the source of our weakened ties in the first place. For your women’s circle, center the conversations on each other and stay engaged. Having your cell phone in hand serves as a distraction from the present and takes your attention away from the people you are with. As soon as your guests arrive, have everyone leave their phones in one place, away from where your women’s circle will be gathering. 

3. Third, set the tone.

Create an inviting sacred space for your guests so when they arrive, they walk into an oasis of peace and tranquility. A women’s circle is all about pampering yourselves, getting back in touch with both yourself and reality, and reconnecting with each other. Prior to your guests’ arrival choose an open space and arrange a sacred circle for you all to gather and connect. Add your favorite blankets, meditation cushions and chairs. Create a custom playlist tailored to the vibe of your theme that can play throughout the gathering to further set the tone. In regards to food and drink, there’s nothing wrong with a little bubbly kombucha or rosé all day to get the night going. 

We would also encourage choosing a tumbled stone for each guest that aligns with your theme. Rose quartz for a self-love gathering, Amethyst for a group meditation or Clear Quartz for setting intentions are just a few to get you started. At the end of your spiritual gathering, program your crystals to hold the energy of your women’s circle. That way, when you’re away from each other, you have a beautiful touchstone that reminds you of the intentions you set and the memories you created together as a group.

3 Keys for a Meaningful Women's Circle

Creating a women’s circle is the perfect way to get back in touch with the people who have impacted your life in one way or another. Your friends build you up, they support you, and they fill your life with a special kind of love in the same way that you do for them. Maintaining positive, healthy relationships keeps you grounded in a world of online personas and media frenzy. Get back to reality and share your experiences with the ones who bring light and happiness into your life. Make a point to invest in your relationships and devote meaningful time into the people you care about and give them the chance to do the same for you.

Start an emotional journey with your friends and find your way back to where your friendship first started. As a group, whether you commit to meeting every week, once a month, or even once or twice over the course of a few months, just make the commitment. So long as you follow through with your plans and don’t send in that last minute rain check you will be bettering your relationships and ultimately, bettering yourself for being a more conscious and involved friend. Besides, who doesn’t love an excuse to get together with the girls for a little G.N.I. (Girls’ Night In) action? 

If you’re interested local to Southern California and interested in attending a spiritual gathering, we are looking to have more events and gatherings at our Torrance location–coming soon! Also, check out our beautiful friends’ events and gatherings, Ashley Neese, Danielle Mercurio, Cassandra BodzakMelissa Rousseau + Paula Mallis


  • Reply April 7, 2017

    lizzie moult

    I am going to my first ever womens circle tonight in hopes to create my own in the future. I love the idea of keeping your crystal from the event. Beautiful

    • Reply April 10, 2017


      Love that! Have an amazing time 🙂

  • Reply May 29, 2017


    Beautiful! I’m going to create my first woman circle next weekend. Feels so yummy!
    Thank you for inspiration ✨

    • Reply May 30, 2017


      Thank you for the kind words! And sending you lots of positive energy for your circle.

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