But What Is Spirituality Really?

What Is Spirituality

I work with crystals. One way is through our crystal energy readings. A crystal energy reading is very simple. You sit in front of over 100 healing crystals—each one different in shape, size and color—and you pick the ones that you are most attracted to. There are no right or wrong stones to pick, nor is a certain number of them the perfect number. It is really based on how you feel, what crystals speak to you and trusting your intuition. At that point, the energy of each healing stone is described to you, and the reading takes off from there.

When a crystal energy reading begins, the first question that is asked is, “What is your religious belief?” The reason for this question is that so many different people come through the doors of Energy Muse. The energy of the space is opened based upon the client’s belief system.

Let me mention here that a Crystal Energy reading is not a predictive type reading and in no way is it intended to take the place of your personal belief system or faith. It is meant to be a universal message of the soul, through the utilization of healing stones that come from the Earth. Within that crystal energy comes a stillness that helps to ground you. When you are grounded and connected to yourself, as well as the energy of the Earth below you, it is easier to connect with the energy of your personal belief system.

what is spiritualityOver the years, each and every religion has been represented. We have clients from all over the world, and of almost every religion. However when prompted with the what is your religious belief question, recently there seems to be a particular response that is said more often than in years past. It is something like this, “I grew up (fill in religion here), but now I consider myself more spiritual, but not religious. I do believe in a higher power, but I consider myself a spiritual but not religious person.”

That answer has really peaked my interest. What does that mean exactly? I started to ask people when they said it. The responses are extremely varied. Some say, I am (insert a religion here), but I also believe that I can honor the part of me that believes there is more to learn. Others respond with the belief that there are many paths to God or a higher power. Some people say they don’t believe in God or any higher power at all. The responses are as different as the crystals that lay on the table in front of them.

It seems to me like spiritual evolution or a spiritual revolution is happening. People seem to be exploring spirituality and exactly what is spirituality to them. For some people, it’s yoga, meditation and conscious language. Others feel they are the most spiritual when they are around a person who lives in a constant state of kindness and love, knowing that these energies also reside within them. Some people don’t want to have a defined path or anyone telling them what is spirituality or what isn’t; they want make their own rules.

My point is that some people are religious. Some consider themselves religious and spiritual. Others believed they are spiritual but not religious. Others don’t believe any higher power.

To each his own. Religion is always a heated topic, but does it always have to be that way? It seems as if a shift is happening, and people are defining themselves in a different way than they did in the past. For many, when it comes to religious and spirituality, it’s not so black and white anymore. It is something that is ever evolving.

But, evolving into what? I believe we are moving towards spiritual evolution; a place where our roots, ancestral history and a spiritual knowingness can coexist as one.

Heather Askinosie

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