Ways to Express Gratitude with a Gratitude Jar

express gratitude

Practicing and experiencing deep gratitude has been proven to boost feelings of satisfaction, strengthen relationships and encourage us to help others.

Despite these benefits, practicing gratitude gets pushed aside or forgotten about when we move through our hectic lives or when negative emotions overshadow the abundance in our lives. Dedicating time each day to expressing gratitude impacts our wellbeing and contributes to a mindful lifestyle.

Develop a way to express gratitude daily through one or more of these gratitude exercises using a gratitude jar. The visual of a gratitude jar will remind you how much you have to be grateful for, so keep it somewhere you will be able to see it often.

Expressing Gratitude with a Penny
Every time you see a penny, take a moment and acknowledge something or someone you are grateful for. Place the penny in the jar. Although the penny is the lowest form of currency, it is representative of the simple things we have to be grateful for in our daily lives, even a penny. Remembering what we have to be grateful for, we enhance our happiness and wellness. When the jar is filled, you can empty its contents and donate the money to a charity. Even though it may not be much, it represents the act of giving what you can and will have a ripple effect, creating more gratitude and giving around you.

Practicing Gratitude with Grateful Notes
Each morning when you wake up, find a small piece of paper and write down what you are grateful for. Fold the note up and put it into a Gratitude Jar. Then, before bed, write down another thing you are grateful for and add it to your gratitude jar. Intentional activity, such as journaling has been found to successfully increase happiness and positivity in the person’s life.

Counteracting Negativity by Fostering Positivity
We all have our moments of complaints, but if you notice you have a negative mindset or are constantly complaining, you need to reprogram your brain to think positively. Each time you notice yourself complaining, counter balance it by finding something to be grateful for in the situation, and drop a penny into your jar. If you aren’t around your jar, simply keep track of your complaints throughout the day and when you get home, take a moment to reassess your day with gratitude and add your pennies or gratitude notes to your jar. Doing so will demonstrate how much of your day is filled with negativity and you will begin naturally replacing those thoughts with positive ones before they arise.

These daily gratitude exercises can be done as a family, making it a powerful way to change the energy of the entire household. Expressing gratitude is the simplest way to increase your well-being and to create abundance in your life.

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    Gratitude Fun

    Great Nice !!! Success is getting what you want, Happiness is wanting what you get Express Gratitude .

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