Visit John of God with Tatiana Toshkina, a John of God Guide

Visit John of God with Tatyana

Have you ever thought about taking a visit to John of God? John of God has become an extremely popular interest among our customers. Luckily, we have a close friend, Tatyana Toshkina, who is a John of God Guide and visits him regularly and brings back beautiful John of God Jewelry for us. Each time she brings these necklaces into the shop, they sell out almost immediately. More and more people are seeking his spiritual healing. If you’re ready to take your healing to another level by visiting John of God in Brazil, read more below from our friend Tatiana and contact her for a spiritual healing trip to the Casa. John of God trips are truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that we may not have much longer to experience, as John of God gets older.

About John of God Guide, Tatyana

For all seekers of spiritual healing, I am offering a trip to the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil to meet with the world best recognized medium, John of God. This is his nickname as he claims that God is healing through him and the Entities of light. He is only a pure instrument in God’s hands. His Entities are full with love and compassion for all sufferers of any kind— illness, grief, fear or other unhealthy issue of spirit, body, mind and heart.

I am a John of God Guide, also known as a John of Guide Medium, Daughter of the Casa and have been a professional Casa guide since 2002. My next group for spiritual healing arrives May 9th to 21st or 28th, depending on your needs, but I am frequently visiting the Casa, so if these dates don’t work for you, please contact me about future dates.

What to Expect When You Visit John of God

When you visit John of God, it is like nothing else. The first day of this life-changing event, I let my group rest after the tiring trip down to Brazil with some orientation on where about and what is not appropriate at the hotel or the Casa. The healing has begun at the moment they step on the blessed Casa grounds. The emotional body is wide open. Every kind of old, stuck or negative energies are ready to be released.

On the second day people receive full orientation on Casa protocol, attire, what to expect from the Entities of light and what it is expected from them to direct the best of energy for their healing process. I will help prepare and translate the healing request or intentions of each individual of my group in Portuguese to be completely ready for the next exiting day.

On the third morning, well prepared, my group will await in silence and serenity to go in line, to talk to a spirit through the body of medium Joao (John of God) and myself as a translator. This brief meeting no one will ever forget! My February group was so touched after this incredible, blessed experience, that filled their souls with love and compassion so great, that made them tremble or cry from gratitude. The feeling of unconditional love is filling the whole Casa. Every soul is sensing this bath of light and love that heals, calms, comforts and guides the approximate 1,500 daily seekers of the Casa from many different nationalities, religions and beliefs.

After that meeting, we begin to follow the individual recommendations of the Entities. This might include crystal bed sessions or visit to the sacred waterfall, current room where one can meditate for hours to prepare best for spiritual intervention. The last one is the best spiritual transformation a person can produce, with the work and the guidance of the Entities. Everyone participates in this inner process of cleansing, releasing and transforming the negatives in positives with personal efforts end some guidance from me.

On free days at the Casa, the group enjoys prayers, spiritual singing, group pep talks or completing the emotional release exercises, siting quite, reflecting on the life or the healing issues. The excursion to a tourist waterfall and colonial small town is also unforgettable event and gives the group participants the taste of Brazil, Brazilian culture, traditions and some history information. Then when we go together to the Casa sacred waterfall, where one can feel the energy difference from the tourist waterfall, visited the day before. This is one of the greatest treatments at the Casa!

But let me stop here. The rest you will learn and experience firsthand when you sign up to visit John of God and come to meet medium John of God who is getting older every year (even though he does not look 75)!

Looking forward to your emails at or your phone calls at 310-779-9731

Tatyana Toshkina

John of God Guide, Spiritual Counselor, Official Casa Guide

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