Create & Activate Your Vision Board

how to create a vision board

Creating a vision board is fun and useful way to bring action to your intentions and activating the board with healing crystals will add to its power. This easy craft helps you visualize your dreams and hone in on exactly what you want to bring into your life. It centers you on your life aspirations and inspires you to take action. 

How to Create a Vision Board: 

Collect inspiration. Start pulling images from magazines, Pinterest, or your own photo collection that express what you want to feel, achieve or manifest. These images should represent something you want to attract into your life, whether it is peacefulness, a tropical vacation, or finding love. To make your vision board as powerful as possible, it is important for the images to evoke emotion, not just desire. The purpose of the images is to visually motivate you to strive towards a heartfelt goal.

vision board

Collect inspirational materials for your vision board!

Build your board. Grab any other inspirational materials, such as sentimental items, symbolic trinkets, or spiritual symbols. Begin designing your board on a sturdy material such as wood, poster board, or corkboard. Have fun decorating your board, so that it excites you and motivates you each day. The only requirement in your design is to make a black border (at least half an inch big). You can use construction paper, marker, or electric tape, but don’t skip this step! This helps you see your board as a picture, in your mind’s eye, and is essential to an effective vision board. It literally seals in the energy of your board, helping to focus and strengthen your intention.

vision board

Make sure you place a black border around your vision board to focus your mind’s eye and seal in the energy.

Display your vision. Place your vision board somewhere you will see it often. Make sure to visit it once in the morning, and then again in the evening, to check in with yourself. Placing it in your bedroom, on your altar in your sacred space, or on a desk would be an ideal location; that way you are constantly reminded of your dreams and inspired to take action. Don’t let your vision board touch the ground, because it looses energy as it gets absorbed into the earth.

Write your dreams down. On one sheet of paper, sign your name, date it and write “thank you” three times. Tuck this behind the board, or tack it to the front if there is room. On another sheet of paper, write your dreams, intentions and specific steps you can take to achieve them. Again, sign, date, and write “thank you” three times on that. Place that piece of paper underneath a citrine point in front of your board to help manifest your intentions with crystal energy. This is how you activate your vision board. Feel free to surround your board with other healing crystals that specifically align with your goals.

vision board - citrinepoint

By placing your written intention underneath a Citrine Point in front of your board, you are activating your vision board.

Release your expectations. Your vision board is a tool. Through this process of inspired action, other positive outcomes may arise that weren’t the initial intent you had set. Enjoy them. Cherish what is being brought into your life as a result of conscious decision making and living. Don’t dwell on only achieving what you created on your board, but be open to the little differences that appear in your life as a result.

how to create a vision board

Surround your vision board with your favorite healing crystals, sentimental items and spiritual symbols on your alter.


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  • Reply January 4, 2016


    What clear precise directions to create a vision board. Thank you, I love that you said the pictures must inspire emotion, that is so important and I never thought of that. I am super excited to properly build a vision board this new year 🙂

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  • […] point to keep in your workspace to invite in prosperity and abundance. You could also create a vision board with your citrine or write your intentions on a piece of paper and place the citrine on top of it […]

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