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Surviving Venus Retrograde- Energy Muse Blog

You may have experienced some poor decision-making and communication issues during the Mercury Retrograde, and you can expect to see some adverse effects surrounding your relationships, values, and money during Venus retrograde 2015, happening July 25 through September 6. Venus retrograde happens far less often than mercury retrograde, occurring approximately once every year and a half, though it lasts about twice as long.

Retrograde planets prevent you from making the best choices in the areas they rule, so it is best to avoid changes during retrograde. Venus governs beauty, friendship, romance, values, and financial security. During Venus retrograde, you want to avoid getting engaged or married, starting or ending a relationship, changing your physical appearance, redecorating, or making investments in anything especially luxury products.

But Venus in retrograde provides also an intuitive time to reassess some of these areas of your life. The most influential force Venus governs is values, so take this time reevaluate what you want from your relationships, the money you earn, and appearances. Anything done in these areas of life during this time will cause you to see things one-way during the retrograde and much differently after the retrograde, so allow yourself time to reflect on what rises rather than react.

When Venus is in retrograde, it can also cause us to re-experience past conflicts that we felt we already worked through or left behind. This can cause you to close up or detach from feeling love in your current relationship if your past relationships caused pain. Some astrologists also believe that if you meet someone for the first time who has a direct impact on your life during a Venus retrograde, it correlates to a past-life connection that was not resolved. However, this could be a positive or negative relationship, but you should wait until after September 6 to decide, when you can interpret things more clearly.

Since Venus retrograde is in Leo for the majority of the cycle, our need for attention and affection may be particularly high. However, majority of Venus retrograde is in Leo, it actually starts in Virgo right on the cusp, before returning to Leo. When in Virgo, we may be more likely to focus on flaws of ourselves and others, becoming nit-picky and analytical.

The Venus retrograde will mostly impact your first four chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart. Working with healing crystals to prevent and open energy blockages may help you to see truth during this time.  See which chakra crystals resonate with you, then read more about how to use chakra healing crystals and follow a chakra meditation.

For extra insight into how Venus in retrograde will effect your life, look at which house Venus rules in your birth chart and what house Venus will be in during the retrograde. If you don’t already have a birth chart drawn up, you can get a free reading here. You can also learn more about each of the zodiac houses here

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