Using the Spirit Quartz Meaning to Find Your True Center

Using the Spirit Quartz Meaning to Find Your True Center

The spirit quartz meaning is to connect you with universal love and to remove all fears and blocks from your life. Sometimes, we aren’t even cognizant that there is a block in our life, or we find excuses for why something didn’t work out or why we can’t let go of a harmful behavior or belief. When we connect with the spirit quartz meaning, we are able to recognize that there actually is something holding us back.

Creating spirit quartz crystal grid will help you discover which ways you are losing sight of your center and the present moment. When we connect with the spirit quartz meaning in this way, we open ourselves up to accepting our self-sabotaging patterns and allow ourselves to be guided by higher consciousness. Finding our way back to our center allows us to act from a place of the highest good and see our blocks and how to remove them.

How to Use the Spirit Quartz Meaning for a Crystal Grid

  • To start, hold your spirit quartz crystal in your hands, and close your eyes. Clear your mind and try to focus solely on the energy the spirit quartz crystal is providing you.
  • As you’re in meditation, ask for guidance from the higher consciousness to provide you with insights about what your limiting belief or behavior is that is holding you back. Once you’ve clearly identified what it is from preventing you from moving forward, slowly come out from your meditation.
  • Set up your spirit quartz grid by placing quartz points on the north, south, east and west sides of your spirit quartz crystal with the point facing inwards towards the quartz. In Native American culture, each direction represents an aspect of life. Each direction provides insight to the way in which you’ve left the center, the present moment.The south represents childhood, which is an expression of aliveness and playfulness. Often, we enter the south direction through the emotion of anger. Anger is symbolic of something in ourselves that has been blocked or repressed and is expressed through critical attacks and judgment. When we are able to successful work through the emotion of anger and we can release what has been repressed, we are able to feel alive and empowered.
    • The West represents adolescence, which is a time of introspection, confusion, pain and transformation. In the west, we see the dying or ending of old patterns that make way for new energy. When we are in the west, we are in touch with what part of our self is no longer serving us. We are moved into the west direction to grieve, surrender and heal in order to discover ourselves. When we can be with our hurt and allow the suffering to come forth un-judged, we can heal and free our hearts of pain, which guides us to understand life in a new way.
    • It is in the North that we receive guidance and support from the Divine. It is in the north we realize that when we do our best and live in harmony with the Divine will or the Universe’s plan for us, that there is endless support for us. When we are not our best or we are off our life path, there is a lack of support and we are left to fend for ourselves. The North asks us if we are on the right path and if we are doing our highest good.
    • The East is associated with wisdom and death. We enter the East when we explore our attachment to situations, people and things. It helps us to see the big picture, rather than grasping onto things. By relieving our need for a specific outcome, we surrender our lives to the Divine and lighten our grip on life. The less attached we are to the outcomes, the freer we are able to express ourselves and live life for the highest good.
  • Each morning, start your day by holding your spirit quartz and going within yourself, finding center in the present moment.
  • Each evening, connect with your spirit quartz crystal again, asking yourself in which direction is your core conflict pulling you. Then ask the crystal to provide you with guidance about how to get back to the center.

Spirit Quartz MeaningExample: If you are constantly stressed because you feel like you don’t have enough time to accomplish everything you need to, you may be stuck in the east. You may be holding on to expectations and specific outcomes so much that you aren’t able to simply live within the present moment. When you recognize that, you have to ask yourself why you are holding onto these outcomes and what will happen if you don’t get everything done. When you are able to release those expectations, you are drawn back to the center.

Connecting with the spirit quartz meaning is the best way to cleanse your aura from these blocks that are preventing you from becoming your highest self. When we connect to our center each day, we are refocused and aware of the challenges we face. When we live in our center, we are able to gracefully handle any situation that comes our way and have a inner knowing of exactly what to do.

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