What Got You Into Using Healing Crystals

What Got You Into Using Healing Crystals - Energy Muse Blog

Inspiration is contagious, which is why we want to spread the hope and joy with heartwarming stories about using healing crystals and how they rock at healing the mind-body-spirit. We’ve asked a few gemstone enthusiasts from around the globe to share their personal insights into the power of crystal healing arts.

For Elizabeth Trattner, an acupuncture physician, her grandmother’s beautiful jewelry collection was what initially attracted her to crystals. “I have been in love with crystals since I was a child. Whether it was a rough rock or a piece of jewelry, I was all in and obsessed,” she says.

Since then, she has incorporated healing stones into her practice, including Kunzite and it’s anti-anxiety properties, Tourmaline, a big-time energy purifier, and others. “Quartz has been used forever in watches. They are part of the movement inside of the watch that makes it work. Quartz crystals are said to have moving or generating properties in them,” she explains.

Certified Crystal Healer and Advanced Crystal Master Amethyst Luna Rose, LLC fondly remembers how using healing crystals played a major role in her recovery from a spinal cord injury. “I spent the next few weeks in recovery. I followed my intuition and ended up being introduced to the healing properties of crystals after being shown specific posts through social media,” she says.

Her curiosity brought her to a gemstone shop where she discovered the crystal that changed her life. “This Magnetite crystal resonated with my root chakra, which is where my spine was injured most. I then learned everything I could about chakras and how crystals can heal energetic imbalances manifested as physical ailments,” she says. For her, crystals were key in attracting higher frequencies into her life. “I learned how to balance chakras, how to get in touch with my intuition, how to raise my vibration, and how to cast intention into the unified field. All of these techniques can be done by working with crystals!” she says.

For Milana Perepyolkina of Gypsy Energy Secrets, using healing crystals are incredible vehicles of positive communication. “I can hear what rocks and crystals say,” she says. After a near-death experience increased her psychic abilities, she began to have the strong desire to start collecting crystals.

“Not only do they have extraordinary healing power, they offer their wisdom and guidance for anyone who is willing to listen,” she says. It was this amazing discovery that started her journey towards becoming a crystal healer. “I learned how to attract higher frequencies to manifest abundance, positive emotions/circumstances, and more,” she says. At this stage in her journey, Perepyolkina was ready to good deep with using healing crystals. “I knew crystals were just one of the many energetic tools for healing, so I immersed myself in the bigger picture of vibrational healing, metaphysics, and understanding the universe,” she says.

“My first crystal was a clear crystal. I placed it on my desk and it created a rainbow of sparkling colors…Recently, I was introduced to Sha Na Ra, the ancient crystal skull. Sha Na Ra says ‘I am a child of the Earth, harvested, carved, and used by humankind.” For Perepyolkina, the message of this sacred artifact is crystal clear—“In this time and in this place, I am a Shaman’s tool of the highest order. Crystals facilitate communication between the worlds and assist in increasing our energy,” she says.

Crystals are also powerful mood stabilizers, especially for Carmen A. Belcher. “It was this past Halloween weekend and I had just gotten into a shouting match with my closest friend…Due to the holiday, the hotel lounge I frequented had a tarot card reader. She approached me and asked if she could do a reading; I was taken aback. Her reading was so spot on! She knew things I never told anyone, for even I was unable to put these feelings into words,” she says.

The tarot card reader left her with a white Agate crystal and simple instructions – program the stone with an intention and keep it under a pillow. “It’s funny I came across this particular crystal because I have trouble sleeping and thought I lost the stone. I just found it last night and slept with it in my bra close to my heart. I woke up on my own today, without being woken up by the phone or other disturbances. I had a bad dream but one that I may be able to solve today now that I am well rested,” she says.

Our resident crystal expert, Heather Askinosie, had her first breakthrough using healing crystals 25 years ago, when she stumbled into a little shop filled with enchanting items. It was an Amethyst crystal that stole her heart – watch the video below to hear the whole story.

The crystal chooses you and not the other way around – That’s the magic of healing gemstones. Whatever is going on in your life, you’ll be draw to the perfect crystal that you need in that particular moment. Trust in the power of using healing crystals and get ready to fall in sync with the powerful vibrations of the earth and its intuitive wisdom.

Have a special story about how you begin using healing crystals? Share it with us below in the comments! 

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