Use the Month of October to Focus on Unconditional Love + Self Care

Use the Month of October to Focus on Unconditional Love + Self Care

Some of the most significant effects that breast cancer has are not physical, but emotional. The toll that a serious, physical illness has on the psyche, can cast a shadow over everything else in your life. It’s as if you begin seeing everything through the lens of cancer and many times, you forget to bless yourself with unconditional love. But life doesn’t stop after diagnosis. You still have to carry on with everything else that is going on in your life. Which often leads people to mask the way they’re really feeling, and put a positive face on for the rest of the world.

The truth is, cancer is a difficult thing to cope with, and anyone who will tell you to remain positive in spite of how you’re feeling is naive. Of course a positive attitude is vital to a healthy outlook and well being, but so is allowing yourself to feel sad when you’re sad. Be compassionate with yourself as you process this part of your journey. You don’t have to beat yourself up for getting depressed. It’s natural. As long as you work to pick yourself up and continue to grow as a person, it is healthier to acknowledge and embrace that you have a full range of emotions than to shame yourself for your dark days and bottle things up.

We created our Unconditional Love bracelet in part to get those going through breast cancer or other illnesses to have compassion with themselves and indulge in the notion of self-care. We filled the bracelet with rose quartz energy because it’s the stone of unconditional love. It helps you to love yourself and your body no matter what you are going through. It is an energy that supports you by lending you greater understanding.

The patience that this stone blesses you with will soothe the flare ups of frustration that you may have with your condition and the sense that you lack control. It’s easy to feed into the anxiety and stress that build up when thinking about your illness. So as you take in the energy of rose quartz, focus on how you can treat yourself in a healthy way. This will shift your perspective to something positive, rather than putting more energy into a negative feedback loop.

Using this bracelet for unconditional love, you’re going to set a self-care intention with each bead. This practice will help you to reestablish the love and priority you place on your emotional, spiritual and physical health. There are many things you can’t control in life, but you can control how you treat yourself. Let this ritual be a reminder of how you deserve to be treated.

What you’ll need:

Ritual Steps: 

  1. Begin by burning sage (or use your favorite cleansing method) to cleanse both your unconditional love bracelet as well as your space.
  2. In your journal, write down one intention corresponding to each rose quartz bead for how you will treat yourself with love for the month of October. There are 20 rose quartz beads, so you should have 20 intentions. Maybe you want to buy yourself a new candle and infuse your space with some sweet smelling aromatherapy. Or maybe you’d like to set an intention to take a day trip to explore somewhere you’ve never been before. This is an opportunity to get creative, so enjoy!
  3. For the single quartz crystal bead, set an intention for something you’d like to gain clarity on.
  4. For each of the two yew wood beads on the bracelet, set an intention for how you will use the energy of longevity that they lend you.
  5. When you finish, you should have 23 days of intentions. Fold the paper, and place it on your altar beneath the rose quartz heart so that you can refer back to it.
  6. Set the intention to live by these intentions by stating aloud: I am worth the love and care I give myself. I love myself, every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed.   

Let the optimism and love that this ritual stimulates, encourage you to continue crafting the life you want for yourself. Feed into the momentum of positive actions and release what you cannot control.


  • Reply December 18, 2017


    Which hand one should wear Unconditional bracelet. My dominant hand is left (i’m a lefty).
    DIVINE Thanks

    • Reply December 18, 2017


      Hi Arun! It really depends on what your intention is for your bracelet. Keep in mind that left is your receiving side – dealing more with your internal self – and your right is your action driven side – dealing more with your external self. If you want to learn more about the different energy channels, check out this post.

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