How to Use Selenite Healing Properties

How to Use Selenite Healing Properties

Whenever we meditate or practice chakra healing with crystal body layouts, we use selenite crystals to balance the energy that’s rising and releasing. The selenite healing properties are extremely beneficial for both a space and the body, which is why we always keep selenite close by while healing.

large selenite crystal

In our healing room, we have large selenite crystals to ground and re-stabilize our energy whenever we may need it.

Before your meditation or healing practice, use selenite to cleanse your body of lower vibrational energy. Selenite cleansing techniques are simple. If you have a large selenite crystal, you can simply place your bare feet over it. If you have a selenite wand, you can comb the crystal from the top of your head all the way down your body. This clears your energy and shields you from negative energy. Once your body is cleared with selenite, you’ll be ready to enter a state of healing.

Selenite also protects us during our practice. When practicing with meditations, yoga, breath work or chakra healing, energy rises from the base of our spine through the crown of our head. If this energy rises too quickly, we become ungrounded and can experience different side effects from dizziness, overheating or intense fear. Crystals add another layer of power to mediation and healing, intensifying the energy in your body, making it important to take extra steps keep your energy grounded. Selenite healing properties balance the energy you create during your meditations and healing sessions, allowing your energy to vibrate safely throughout your body. Simply place a piece of selenite in front of you if your sitting in meditation, over your chest if you’re laying down, or on each side of your body if you’re laying down with other crystals on top of you.

In addition to selenite healing properties transforming the energy of your body, it also creates shifts in the energy of a space. Keep a large selenite crystal by the door to your sacred space or living space to prevent negative energy from coming in. Having a large selenite crystal in your space will also create a constant flow of calming, positive energy. If you have it in your sacred room, it will help to keep the vibration of the room high, allowing for deeper meditation and healing to take place.

For a final boost for your healing practice, place your crystals on top of your large selenite. This will recharge the energy of the other crystals or your crystal jewelry.


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