Natural Turquoise Healing Necklace

Turquoise Healing Necklace

Our brand-new Turquoise Healing Necklace was created to help you connect with the healer that lies within yourself. Energy Muse co-founders, Heather and Timmi, often layer a chunky Turquoise necklace with many of their everyday pieces. We have been asked many, many times to create a long Turquoise necklace that can be layered—and we were finally able to bring you it!

Turquoise may actually be the longest-used out of all the gemstones in existence. Healing crystal necklaces, made with Turquoise beads, have been found in Iraq dating back to 5000 B.C. The ancient Egyptians used Turquoise for healing, as talismans for protection and as adornments for jewelry and weapons. This beautiful healing gemstone also has a long history rooted in Native American cultures, as they still to this day dress themselves from head to toe with long turquoise necklaces and stones.

Turquoise is a Master Healer and a gemstone of well-being. It is believed to be the energetic bridge between heaven and Earth. When you wear this beautiful, chunky Turquoise necklace, you will feel nurtured, protected and much calmer. One of the Turquoise healing properties is that it holds the vibration of Mother Earth, emitting the message of love and reminding you to believe in yourself and your well-being. It is a stone of wholeness that greatly benefits your overall well-being, brightening up your mood and keeping your emotions in balance. Turquoise has the capacity to heal your emotional body, relieve stress and shift your spiritual awareness to your heart.

Turquoise Healing Necklace

Turquoise Healing Necklace

Turquoise is a very powerful 5th throat chakra gemstone. It aids in communication by stimulating and harmonizing the throat chakra, making it easier to articulate and speak your truth. Wearing a turquoise healing necklace can empower those who may be shy when it comes to speaking or sharing their ideas.

We are all powerful co-creators of our own lives. The Energy Muse Turquoise Healing Necklace reminds us to program our minds with positive affirmations, such as I am healed, to realign the cellular body with positive energy. Wearing our Healing necklace will also help to restore depleted vitality and lift your spirits. One of our favorite Energy Muse Jewelry combinations is wearing the Healing Necklace with the Healing Bracelet and Pure Energy Bracelet Set. Try this powerful energy combination and let us know what you think!

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