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Every year, Timmi and I go to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.  It’s the largest show in the world; one where crystal, mineral and fossil dealers come from all over the world to sell their beautiful treasures.  Every year, we extend the days of our trip, and every year, we leave saying the same thing–we need to stay longer. This year, we stayed 7-full days and rented a U-haul, so that we could purchase large healing crystals from different parts of the world. We have friends who stay an entire month, and say there is still more to see.

To give you an idea of how the show is, the hotels are converted into shows. Each hotel room becomes a mini showroom. Depending on the size of the hotel, and how many hotel rooms it has, will tell you how many shows are within some of the hotels. This same formula goes on for miles and miles all over Tucson, so this gives you an idea on how vast and enormous the show is. This year, in particular, was a magical year. It seemed as if we had a lucky star shining a path in front of us that lead us to some of the most interesting people. We had the opportunity to meet miners who shared with us how they mine the healing crystals and how each one is cleaned to prepare them before they are sold. Listening to their stories and seeing how they knew each and every crystal personally changed the whole dynamic of how we see healing crystals now. It seemed that some of the clearest and most dazzling crystals were coming out of the Arkansas mines. Many of the crystal miners were sharing how the whole crystal business is changing because the Chinese and the Brazilian governments are purchasing many of the mines–especially in Brazil.  A miner out of Arizona told us that the color of the stones that are coming out of the mines are even changing. He said his mine used to produce many green and blue stones in the 90’s, but now in 2015 he is only seeing red and grey stones; as the blue and green that mine used to produce is becoming very rare.

Each of the healing crystals we purchased this year was hand picked with LOVE. We looked for clarity, sparkle, color and energy. Each crystal feels different and we felt each and every one before we brought it home. The citrine and Quartz points were hand picked and took hours and hours to go through thousands of crystal points to find the most special ones for our Energy Muse community.  The process of picking a crystal is similar to picking a diamond or precious  gemstone.  Each healing crystal has something to say and story within the crystal is what tells it.

We met and spoke with crystals dealers from Madagascar, Brazil, Spain, Africa, U.S, Morocco, Iran and many more.  The common theme and message that prevailed from each miner and dealer is that the value and price of crystals are going up. Healing Crystals and gemstones are now becoming harder to not only mine but get into the United States. The energy of the Earth is a treasure and love is in each and every the corner of the world. We are committed to hand select the most beautiful gemstones and crystals that the Earth has produced. We are educating ourselves on which miners are mining with integrity and not ripping the stones from the Earth. Each year, we are learning more about this ever changing crystal industry and as we become more and more educated we will share this information with you.

We have brought back so many special healing crystals and stones, and will be continuously adding more and more over the next few weeks. We have very limited quantities of many of these healing crystals, because we were only able to get what was in Tucson, for that is what will be available for the next year. Make sure that you keep checking our website to see all the magical Tucson Treasures we handpicked for you! We cannot wait for you to experience their energy in your home.


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