A Transformation Ritual to Breakthrough Negative Patterns

A Transformation Ritual to Breakthrough Negative Patterns

In romantic comedies, all the shy, dorky girl needs in order to transform into a vivacious goddess, is to take off her glasses and straighten her hair. In real life, transformation takes a little more work than switching to contacts. What you really need is a perception makeover; a change in how you see yourself. Gaining the confidence to do that, however, is what requires a process. While the need for change may manifest in the urge for physical alterations—a new hairstyle or a new dress—often that need can’t be satiated by such short term solutions. You need a mental metamorphosis. If your job is fine, your relationship is fine, your apartment is fine and your life is fine, but nothing puts a sparkle in your eye, you may need a transformation ritual to understand what it is you want to change. With rituals, we examine our soul’s hunger to find out what will nourish it, rather than feeding it junk as a quick fix. Maybe you need to learn a new skill, or to do something you’ve always wanted to try, but never have. Perhaps it’s time to travel somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Make it a pilgrimage, an epic quest to find your inner light again. Whatever need you discover with your transformation ritual, don’t wait to seek it out. Your craving for change is a calling. Answer it.

What you’ll need:

Time Frame:  11 minutes for 40 days

Transformation Ritual Steps:

  1. Sage your space, and cleanse your jewelry and crystals with your preferred clearing method.
  2. Place your Transformation bracelet on your left wrist. This crystal energy combination is truly for when you’re trying to get out of an addictive pattern—a self destructive pattern. The magic of this combo melds crystals for grounding, releasing negative tendencies and tapping into a higher power within yourself. This three-fold combo is this magic formula to help you take the first step. It helps you to acknowledge and admit that, hey there’s an addiction going on. Ask yourself, what is the first step I’m going to take today so that I can concur it and make it through a day without this addictive pattern?
  3. Place your Gratitude Bracelets on your right wrist. They will serve as a constant reminder to shift and transform out of a negative pattern. Each day, choose one thing to show gratitude for, and create a positive affirmation around it. When you find yourself getting into a funk, and engaging in negative self talk, repeat your positive self affirmation 11x. Remember, you can control your self talk; you just have to retrain it to come from a place of positivity.
  4. Wearing your bracelets, grab your Shungite harmonizers and find a comfortable seated position with one in each hand. For 11 minutes, while you’re holding onto these rods, ask the universe to help you transform your addictions into a more neutral, centered space. While holding your harmonizers, you’re driving your body, mind and spirit into a center or neutrality. The Shungite will absorb any dark, dense addictive energy and suck it from your energy field.**
  5. Every time you look down at your wrists throughout the day, be reminded of your intention for transformation. Show gratitude and generosity to the people around you because they will help you on your transformative journey.
  6. Before you go to sleep each night, take off your jewelry and repeat your positive affirmation 11x.
  7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 every day for 40 days. 40 days is the period of time it takes to break a cycle and change a habit.

Transformation is all about changing your state. You can change your state by going into movement, saying affirmations out loud or looking at something from a much higher perspective. When we get in a bad state—we become too centered and locked in our ego. That’s when we really need to help someone else and be of service, and go do good. That’s really what feeds the human spirit.

**Many people believe that when you start getting deeper and deeper into addictive patterns, it’s easy for spirits or lower vibrational energy to attach to your energy field. Perhaps you’ve attracted an addictive spirit that’s sucking your energy from you. Shungite starts to breakup and absorb the dense black “film” around you. When you have that film around you, you can’t see the light. Once you remove this layer, the light can begin to peek through and reemerge.  

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