Transform Unwanted Energy with this Healing Crystal Necklace

healing crystal necklace

At least once a week, we are asked if we have a crystal healing necklace that will help to dissolve bad habits, or even addictions. And the answer is YES! Our Transformation Necklace was designed to help dissolve and transform any unwanted energy that no longer serves you, bringing you closer to seeing yourself as the person you truly are.

This healing crystal necklace was designed with 5 powerful crystals that each bring its own unique and beneficial energy to help you let go of these habits and unwanted energy:

  • Hematine: This gemstone helps you to release any unwanted patterns in your life that have become habits. It absorbs all negative energy from your body, leaving you feeling calm and stress-free in times of worry. Hematine is also said to help you realize your potential and unique talents, releasing any limitations you may be placing on yourself.
  • Black Onyx: This gemstone calms your fears, while empowering you to know that you have the strength to transform yourself. It also works to remove all negative energy from your body while preventing the drain of any personal energy. Black Onyx helps release any negativity, negative thoughts or negative mindset, thus thought to help with depression. When this gemstone touches your skin, it leaves you feeling calm, stable and secure.
  • Obsidian: This is a protective stone that absorbs mental stress. It helps you to start seeing yourself as the person you want to become.  Obsidian is a powerful grounding stone that provides an instant connection from your root chakra deep into the core of the Earth. It facilitates the release of negative emotions, such as anger, fear, jealousy or greed.
  • Amethyst: This crystal is known as the stone of contentment. It acts as a source of inspiration, reminding you that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Amethyst is a natural stress reliever that helps to attract positive energy into your life. It helps you to let go of things that no longer serve you, such as habits and addictions.
  • Clear Quartz: This crystal energizes and activates the other stones, as well as your intention, magnifying the power of this healing crystal necklace. Clear Quartz helps you to think more clearly so that you can focus on what you want to transform in your life and what you want to bring into your life.

To activate your Transformation Necklace, sit quietly, holding your healing crystal necklace in both hands. Close your eyes, and breathe in the highest white light. Visualize your intention for your piece. Be specific about what you are looking to let go of and break. Once you have set your intention, your healing crystal necklace is ready to wear. We recommend wearing this particular piece for 21 days straight; it’s okay to take it off at night.

It is very important to cleanse this Transformation piece often, since one of its main objectives is to remove negative and unwanted energy. You can cleanse it on a piece of Selenite, in the smoke of burning sage, or in the sun or moonlight. Click here to ready our full jewelry cleansing instructions.


  • Reply March 30, 2017

    Nina Rose

    Hello, I’ve been wearing a Black Obsidian as a waist bracelet (around my waist) for about a month. I was removing it before I hopped in the shower and bammo! it broke spillling the little bits all over the floor. I picked them up and put them back unto the cord/string holding them together and left it in the window to clear whatever energy it picked up that may have caused the cord to randomly break. 8 hours later I got home and decided to wear it again. Strangely I didnt like how it felt around my waist and as I am about to take it up Bammo! It broke again in a different place. Holy Tomatoe! Should I just throw out this black Obsidian? Has it done its work? Should I simply replace it? This is so strange. Breaking twice in the same day. I am a bit sad. I followed my intuition to get a black obsidian a month ago. And now this happens 🙁

    I await your response…

    • Reply March 31, 2017


      Hi Nina! There are a couple things that could have happened. 1. You’ve had a breakthrough with what you were wearing the waist bracelet for. It may not be apparent yet, but there has been some sort of energetic shift that is causing the bracelet to break! 2. Have you been cleansing this piece regularly? Black obsidian absorbs, and it could mean that it needs to be cleansed. Either way, the breakage is not necessarily a bad omen or something negative, take it as a sign of a shift in energy 🙂

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