Simple Daily Tips for Intentional Living

Simple Daily Tips for Intentional Living

Intentional living sounds a lot easier than it is. If you’re not intentionally dying, you’re living intentionally, right? If only.

Intentional living is less about intentionally choosing to exist, and more about creating a path of thoughtful choices in line with how you want to live your life. Being mindful of every decision, no matter how small, can drastically change your day, and if exercised daily, can change your life.

Still, in the overly complicated lives that we set up for ourselves, intentional living often gets tossed aside in lieu of convenience. For living intentionally to work, you have to prioritize your overall happiness above the things that provide momentary relief, only to result in negative side effects later. In addition to raising your vibration, settling into a new routine that inspires positivity is one way to ease the transition from passive living to meaningful existence.

Mindful Mornings

From the get go, you may want to quit. Getting out of bed early so that you have time for breakfast can seem awful when the alternative is 30 more minutes of sweet, beautiful sleep. Remember, this lifestyle is about achieving longterm satisfaction. The way you start your morning effects the rest of your day, so creating mindful morning rituals is of utmost importance. Sleeping in and then rushing to get out the door will set a hectic tone that can prove hard to overcome. Even though the lure of those cozy sheets is strong, think past the discomfort of leaving them and visualize giving yourself a relaxing, unhurried morning.

As you brush your teeth, think about your action. Feel the bristles against your teeth, moving across your gums. When you wash your face, feel the circles you draw with your hands. Being conscious of these actions promotes awareness of yourself. It takes your mind off of all the small things which can clutter it in the morning. Instead of thinking about that report you have to finish, or the emails you have to check, you are focusing on the moment you are in, and relieving stress in the process. Mornings should be calm and peaceful.

Prepare yourself a breakfast. It doesn’t have to be big or require a lot of time to prepare. Just a half grapefruit or bowl of oatmeal can signal to your body that you care.

Before you leave, hold your favorite crystal in your hand. This is a gesture to your soul that you are prepared to take on the day. Add an intention to the quick glance in the mirror that you give yourself before leaving. Look at yourself and tell yourself something affirming. I am beautiful, I am strong, or I am grateful. Deep down, you know what you need to hear. Empower yourself, and speak the words that your soul needs.

Afternoon Awareness

Simple Daily Tips for Intentional LivingIt turns out that work is more enjoyable when you’re not hungry and grumpy because you didn’t get your morning coffee. Allow the positivity that you started the day with to transcend other aspects of your life. Let it influence you to take positive risks in your work.

When it’s time for lunch, move away from your desk. Don’t get drawn in to your phone or computer. This is a time for you. Focus on your food, and nourishing your body with a moment of peace. It’s a time to check in with yourself again and realign with your goal of intentional living. It can also be helpful to establish a gratitude statement before eating. I am grateful for all those who have worked so hard to provide this food for me. May this meal bring me strength and health.

As you integrate yourself back into your work environment, try to hold onto that sense of tranquility. Staying composed will help you work under the pressure of deadlines. Though it may sound counter-intuitive, getting up to stretch and move the body every 30 minutes will also aid you in your productivity. Increase your focus by taking short, rejuvenating breaks.

Nightly Affirmations

After working all day, it is tempting to veg out when you get home. You may want to just flip on the television, eat, and go to sleep. Remind yourself that this is your time. You’re not at work. Reward yourself with a nice, home-cooked meal. You may find that your exhaustion or sense of depletion after work has been replaced with a drive to see how you can continue to better yourself.

Wind down with a simple daily meditation to end the evening. Maybe you clear your energy with a selenite crystal so as to recharge without carrying the day’s energy into the bedroom with you. You may also lay flat on your back with your legs up on the wall, and focus on your breath. As you lay in bed, grab your crystal, place it on your heart, and review your day. Acknowledge what you are grateful for, counting your blessings as you plant positive seeds for tomorrow’s fresh start.

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